“You Do Video, Right?”
BY KEN RENGERING Over-matched and out of my element and no one cares. So in my ankle-biter existence, I don’t[...]
“I’ve Got A Tip For Ya Right Here…”
Let me start by saying that I'm certainly not a writer.. I'm a sound guy. With that being said, I'm[...]
(This piece is one of several we are working on talking with engineers who worked with Prince for various time[...]
Who’s Really Running the Show?
BY KEN "POOCH" VAN DRUTEN In business, money talks.  And the music business is just that… a business. When we[...]
Polarity Versus Phase
One of the most often misused terms among audio people is “phase”.  “Sound’s like it’s out of phase...” seems to[...]
The Fallacy of (Just) Drinking Water
BY ANTONIO LUNA The summer festival season is just around the corner and the local sound company is starting to[...]
Stage Collapses–A Player’s Perspective
This was originally posted on SPL's sister site for musicians L2PNet.com--The Live2Play Network. At the reqiest of some of the[...]
To Road Or Not To Road
I remember my first tour show. In the Bronx. A club called French Charlie’s. The floor was covered with a[...]
Too Loud? It’s Complicated
 Oh boy, “how loud is too loud” is one sticky wicket. What seems like such a simple concept is actually[...]
A Safe Day In The Life
Everyone has something to say or an opinion about the recent epidemi of disasters, accidents and near misses plaguing the entertainment[...]
Competition Versus Cooperation
The live audio field is historically a very competitive business. Those that get far and have long careers in this[...]
The Rant Zone–Running Amuck In Winnemucca
SPL Video Blogger/Gear Reviewer/Soundco Owner Known as Big Daddy AKA Larry Hall of HAS Productions in Las Vegas tells a[...]

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