Why Sound Guys Will Survive the Apocolypse
By Corey Poulin There are two stages to every apocalypse scenario: the initial impact and the survival afterward. Both can[...]
Keep Them Dancing
By Brad Madix   Ed. Note: We sent the linked article to a couple of A-list engineers who sent us[...]
VUE Lights Up Las Vegas
HAS Productions recently provided a large all-VUE Audiotechnik system for the 23rd Annual City of Lights jazz festival in downtown[...]
I Don’t Care if It’s Black Sabbath Or the Pope
I was fortunate to work several campaign events this year.  At the most recent one there was a heavy emphasis[...]
Mixing Live Jazz Shows
There are very few hard and fast rules to mixing any kind of music, but here are some techniques that[...]
A Safe Day In The Life
Everyone has something to say or an opinion about the recent epidemi of disasters, accidents and near misses plaguing the entertainment[...]
All By Myself
Some have mixed from a truck or vom with a camera or system of cameras to  help them see what[...]
So… Unions… Love ’em Or Hate ’em?
BY GEOFF LISSAMAN   Personally I'm not such a fan and recent experiences just seem to reinforce that. But before[...]
How Does It Sound Now?
By The Bard of the Board We live in a media saturated environment where we are constantly receiving and processing[...]
Generation ConteXt
One of my favorite jokes of all time is from the bone-dry delivery of comedian Steven Wright. It goes like[...]
“Paging Dr. Moe, Dr. Curly, Dr. Larry…”
 You can judge the maturity of a given industry or field by it’s approach to educating and training the people[...]
Waves Plugins On Tour With The Band Perry
Live FOH engineer Jon Garber (The Band Perry, Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, Brian McComas, Julie Roberts) uses DiGiGrid MGO and[...]

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