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We have new wireless news. For once some of it is good news. At least in the short term

I had a client call me in a bind. He needed to down-grade the firmware on a DL251 back to 2.05.04 to work on an X32...the problem he had was that he only has PRO1 consoles...and they never shipped with software that old.

The following is excerpts from a thread on Jim Roese’s Facebook page.

You must be getting tired of reading about it. I know I am sick of writing about it. But we have more Fun With Wireless… Episode #I-Don’t-Know-I-Lost-Track-A-Long-Time-Ago.

Dear SxSW... You suck. xxoo, E-Rock

Personally I'm not such a fan and recent experiences just seem to reinforce that. But before I tell the story I guess some background is needed.

I've been traveling overseas a lot lately and the flying and jetlag is doing me in.  Do you have any tips to get me through this world tour thing?

Gear Reviews

The guys at VUE Audiotechnik asked us if we would test the phase coherence of the VUE  h15-W against a Meyer CQ. I will gladly oblige because there is nothing subjective about this test. 

As some of you may know (those of you smart enough to be following SoundProLive) H.A.S. has been in the market for a new PA, and just a few months ago hosted a pretty elaborate "shoot out" 

I got a phone call that DiGiGrid MGB was ready to ship and I was going to be one of the first people to receive one.  This was exciting as there was a buzz about it and not even our sound provider was able to get them.

Stuff just keeps getting smaller. Not all that long ago, recording a gig meant calling in a totally separate company with their own engineers and a whole truck full of gear. Then it became a rack or two of stuff and maybe one extra guy on the crew. And lately, it is just another hat that many of us wear and the extra gear often fits under the console that is already 1/4 the size it used to be.


For those of you who are just getting started in the world of music and audio: you have no idea how good you have it. The amount of power and the level of quality available in even an entry level PA rivals what arena touring bands worked with two decades ago.