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There are books on basic audio principles, Schools that teach the ins and outs of consoles, lessons in business, etc… Yet there is not and perhaps never can be a manual, class or guidance on how to survive and walk the tightrope between our careers and still maintain some sense of a “Normal” personal life and relationships.

 “Don’t let ‘fake it to make it’ become your mantra...You WILL get called out eventually.” — Kerrie Mondy

Putting an artist's needs before our children's and spouse's can and will cause lasting problems for all involved. 

Now I don’t claim to be an expert in the Art of Marriage. My wife remains as big of a mystery to me now as she was 15 years ago when we started dating. HOWEVER, I have learned a few things along the way...

I lost a friend, and a mentor today.  It hurts to lose a friend.  Especially someone that has been in your life for over 20 years.  I was first introduced to ML in 1986, only I didn’t remember that until later...

It was a Saturday, a day like any other day that we’d get up at 3:00 AM, fly across the country (with a connection of course) and then drive two hours to a gig. Then back home the next AM, a typical fly date/kamikaze mission. Except we didn’t realize that there was bad weather moving through the lower part of the country. When we arrived in Atlanta I had a message from the promoter asking me to call him ASAP. “You guys aren’t flying through Dallas, are you?” We weren’t.

“C’mon what is the price for you to mix this show?”  If he asks enough times, will the price change?  Then it came to me.  I need to speak to this guy in terms that he understands.  

Gear Reviews

OK, so it is not a review from another audio pro. But how often does an artist go on video to talk about how cool a wedge is? Besides, like, never? James Hetfield of Metallica did just that.

Has it really been more than six months since Winter NAMM? Dang.

Over a period of several months, we both used the IEMs in a number of settings. And we chatted about the results. Instead of presenting two separate reviews, we are going to give you a transcript of the conversation. And away we go.

The guys at VUE Audiotechnik asked us if we would test the phase coherence of the VUE  h15-W against a Meyer CQ. I will gladly oblige because there is nothing subjective about this test.