All By Myself
Some have mixed from a truck or vom with a camera or system of cameras to  help them see what[...]
Generation ConteXt
One of my favorite jokes of all time is from the bone-dry delivery of comedian Steven Wright. It goes like[...]
Sound Image and SSE Audio Announce Launch of United Audio Companies
Sound Image and SSE Audio seal the deal to launch UAC. L to R: Mike Sprague, Director of Touring, Sound[...]
Vinnie and Peter Go To Vegas[...]
Competition Versus Cooperation
The live audio field is historically a very competitive business. Those that get far and have long careers in this[...]
Feeling the Squeeze
By Chris Musgrave I have read many articles that do their utmost best to describe mixing music. Some say we are[...]
Stage Collapses–A Player’s Perspective
This was originally posted on SPL's sister site for musicians Live2Play Network. At the reqiest of some of the[...]
Life In The Bubble
By Quake (Editor’s Note: It’s always great to welcome a new face to the family. Recently we published the first[...]
Robert "Void" Caprio: Ears and Hard Work Equals Success With CeeLo Green
By Luther Bell After 23 years of recording and mixing everyone from Run DMC to Peter Gabriel, Robert “Void” Caprio[...]
Martin Frey On Preparation, Musical Range and Listening To Lots Of Music
Wow, it's been while. Our first sit-down with Shrek. At the Railhead venue inside Boulder Station in, Las Vegas NV.[...]
The Politics of Live Sound Mixing and the Sacrificial Lamb
OH yes, the politics.  The dirty little secret of live sound mixing.  I believe that, on any given day, 50%[...]
Synergy: The Mix Engineer And The System Engineer Relationship
BY MARTIN FREY   As a live FOH mix engineer, I’ve made it my business over the years to learn[...]

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