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We lost a couple of bigger than life personalities lately; namely Patrick Stansfield and most recently legendary monitor engineer Davey Bryson—two gentlemen who demanded reverence simply by the mention of their names.

Lead Vocal Compression





"So to achieve your desired results, you're talking about, say, at lest eighteen inches of water down that trail leading up the hill?" front of house asked monitors with an expansive wave of his arm toward the window...

The art of designing a sound system is really very simple. Does it meet and conform to GODs laws of physics or not. (Uh, oh math). There is no such thing as “Magic Ears”. Feelings do not count. Describing sound through colors does not cut it

I've been so focused on being a console snob that I neglected to consider or remember that only about 10 years ago I was mixing on a beat up Crest GT40 with random outboard gear

In my travels around the globe, both on behalf of Avid Technologies as well as for my touring clients, I have met countless men and women who desire to get into the field of music production. In nearly every one of those encounters there is one undeniable thread that runs through them; the quest for more knowledge on the subject and more “training”.

Over the years, I have been faced with making the conversion from freelancer to production company man and back to freelancer. Sometimes i made the decision and sometimes the decision was made for me.

Gear Reviews

Has it really been more than six months since Winter NAMM? Dang.

Over a period of several months, we both used the IEMs in a number of settings. And we chatted about the results. Instead of presenting two separate reviews, we are going to give you a transcript of the conversation. And away we go.

The guys at VUE Audiotechnik asked us if we would test the phase coherence of the VUE  h15-W against a Meyer CQ. I will gladly oblige because there is nothing subjective about this test. 

As some of you may know (those of you smart enough to be following SoundProLive) H.A.S. has been