Too Loud? It's Complicated
 Oh boy, “how loud is too loud” is one sticky wicket. What seems like such a simple concept is actually[...]
Welcome to Choice Fatigue
By ROBERT SCOVILL It’s a phrase born of the new millennium and I assure you it is most definitely real.[...]
Change Vs Evolution (Or, Life IS Change)
  If you’re a regular follower of my blogs, then you know I've been on hiatus for some time now[...]
License and Registration, Please...
We are revisiting this because there is some new news about the future of the 600 mHz band and wireless[...]
This Week On Roadie TV: Snooky Tunes the PA
“Roadie Reality TV” … is this what it’s come to? Yep, you heard me right. I guess it was only[...]
"Paging Dr. Moe, Dr. Curly, Dr. Larry..."
 You can judge the maturity of a given industry or field by it’s approach to educating and training the people[...]
Getting “That Journey Sound” With Josh and Meaux
Every gig has it’s own set of challenges and pressure. It could be personalities. Rock stars are not known for[...]
Loud Monitors--Are you Responsible if Your Artist Goes Deaf?
After mixing monitors for a well known female artist last night I got to wondering: who is ultimately responsible for[...]
Martin Frey On Preparation, Musical Range and Listening To Lots Of Music
Wow, it's been while. Our first sit-down with Shrek. At the Railhead venue inside Boulder Station in, Las Vegas NV.[...]
Stage Collapses–A Player’s Perspective
This was originally posted on SPL's sister site for musicians Live2Play Network. At the reqiest of some of the[...]
R-E-S-P-E-C-T... Earned, Not Given
BY KEN "POOCH" VAN DRUTEN I meet a lot of roadies these days who are young, willing, and hard working.[...]
Scared For 40 Years
Just got done doing a show in Moscow, Russia. You may have seen some hype for the new Transformers 3[...]

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