Too Loud? It’s Complicated
 Oh boy, “how loud is too loud” is one sticky wicket. What seems like such a simple concept is actually[...]
Strangeways Here We Come
I've known for some time now that I do certain things differently than most other engineers and techs I meet. [...]
The Politics of Live Sound Mixing and the Sacrificial Lamb
OH yes, the politics.  The dirty little secret of live sound mixing.  I believe that, on any given day, 50%[...]
This Week On Roadie TV: Snooky Tunes the PA
“Roadie Reality TV” … is this what it’s come to? Yep, you heard me right. I guess it was only[...]
All By Myself
Some have mixed from a truck or vom with a camera or system of cameras to  help them see what[...]
The Worst Part of Being an Engineer
For me, it is the aggravation of not being able to put on the best show possible or to not[...]
Audio Challenges At Blues Bender
The 2015 Big Blues Bender at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas recently wrapped up with much praise[...]
Polarity Versus Phase
One of the most often misused terms among audio people is “phase”.  “Sound’s like it’s out of phase...” seems to[...]
Larry Italia Heads To Escondido and Sound Image
Sound Image (Escondido, CA) has announced the appointment of Laurence Italia to Vice President of its Integration Division. In this[...]
Synergy: The Mix Engineer And The System Engineer Relationship
BY MARTIN FREY   As a live FOH mix engineer, I’ve made it my business over the years to learn[...]
Loud Monitors–Are you Responsible if Your Artist Goes Deaf?
After mixing monitors for a well known female artist last night I got to wondering: who is ultimately responsible for[...]
Why Sound Guys Will Survive the Apocolypse
By Corey Poulin There are two stages to every apocalypse scenario: the initial impact and the survival afterward. Both can[...]

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