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Author: Larry Hall

“Two PM5 Things And That’s IT!”

April is a big month for small to medium festivals in Las Vegas. We have done our fair share this year. Here are some of the challenges, trials and tribulations of one of the festive festivals we have done so far.  🙂   This JAZZ thing.   The Promoter has been doing this for 350 years. We have been doing this with him for two years. He is not hip to modern technology. In fact, I heard he once yelled at lighting guy for bringing LED pars instead of Par 64s. Said “those lights are too small”   He...

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Speaker Shootout V.3

As any of you who have ben following along for a while know, the folks at HAS Productions in Las Vegas have been hosting a big speaker shootout at the Star of the Desert Arena in Primm on the Nevada/California Line for a few years now. It has taken an ungodly amount of time for us to get reporting on this up and out there but here ya go. First, some input from HAS owner Larry Hall and some followup from operations guru Jay Easley. The pic above is him in between the VUE Crew from the 2013 shootout...

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