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Author: Bill Evans

Will IATSE Be the Designated Scapegoat?

In case you have not been following it all… The lawsuits are up to like 17 and it appears that the search for deep pockets has begun. Keep in mind that the State of Indiana is limited by law to $5 million in liability for any accident and that Mid-America Sound which provided the stage, lighting and audio has about $1 million in insurance coverage. And given the fact that a search warrant was served at the offices of Local Thirty looking for records that the Union does not normally keep–things like OSHA logs which are supposed to be...

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Yamaha Audioverstiy 2011

Yamaha Commercial Audio offered two days of classes in everything from audio networking to console maintenence to sound solutions under two grand. All for free at the las Vegas Hilton. And they gave away a console. Check out the coverage HERE. Originally posted 2011-10-14...

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Highway Stars: Thunder Audio and Deep Purple

A legendarily loud band with an orchestra on a tour just about long enough to get things really dialed in before it ended. Just another summer romp for this crew from Detroit-based Thunder Audio. Click HERE or on the photo below to go to the SPL Active eZine for text, pics, crew and gear lists and a bunch of video. (Buttons on the left access pics. Click the button to make the pic appear and click the button again to make it go away. The pics on the right are really buttons that bring up three different stories in...

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Kevin Madigan On the Crosby/Nash Express

Kevin Madigan took some time out from a Crosby and Nash one-off in Las Vegas to talk with SPL about everything from his new console, to the prospect of touring Europe using rented instruments, to making sure the Wood Police don’t seize the vintage instruments his bosses have been playing for years. You can get the whole story RIGHT HERE. Originally posted 2011-10-14...

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