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Waves eMotion LV1 Demo and Training in Vegas

By Bill Evans / May 20, 2016

We have been touting the advantages of a computer-based mixing system with no physical console for more than a decade. And while Bob Lentini’s SAC system never reached it’s potential, it looks like the Wave eMotion just may pull it off. Our pal Pooch is using it as a matrix mixer on his current tour […]


Moving On Along With the World…

By Bill Evans / March 7, 2016

One of my favorite series of books ever is a set of Stephen King tomes called The Dark Tower. Written over a nearly 30-year period and published over two decades, the tale of the Gunslinger is influenced in equal parts by a Robert Browning poem, The Lord of the Rings, and Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns […]


Dave Rat’s 360 Bassnectar Lowdown

By Bill Evans / February 12, 2016

BY DAVE RAT   I met Dave Rat about 10 years ago the night before he got a Parnell award as top house mix engineer. We hung out in a bar in Orlando with Daniella Peters and Peggy Blaze who was the sales weasel at FOH at the time and who set the meeting up. […]


Waves eMotion Is (FINALLY) Here

By Bill Evans / January 25, 2016

One of the only things I missed and regretted about skipping NAMM this year was the chance to see a shipping version of the Waves eMotion mixing system. I have been after a totally computer based system for a long long time now. I bought one of Bob Lentini’s SAC rigs back in about 2010. […]


Clair Announces Cohesion Loudspeaker Series

By Bill Evans / January 22, 2016

Well, they made it pretty hard to post anywhere, but we happen to be pretty clever and know how to look at code and find what we are looking for… Clair has a announced a new speaker series called Cohesion that looks fairly interesting. You can get all of the details on their site here or […]


Shure Reinvents Itself

By Bill Evans / January 22, 2016

So far the amount of actual newsworthy stuff coming out of NAMM has been a trickle at best. It’s amazing how much better a perception one can get on the annual gear fest when not in the middle of the noise and dog-and-pony-shows. Up until now the “advances” in dynamic microphone tech have been fairly pedestrian […]


DiGiCo: Making ‘Em Last Longer

By Bill Evans / January 21, 2016

About 6 years ago, I was interviewing a well-known live sound figure at a shed in Cincinnati and–as it often happens (and is one of my favorite things about conversations with him)–we got way off track and into conjecture about where all this digital stuff is headed. I remember him saying something about what was then one […]



By Bill Evans / December 17, 2015

BY DARTH FADER If you look at it from the surface, the DiGiGrid IOX from Waves and DiGiCo is a 12-input, 6-output audio interface designed for use with your DAW. When you look closer you’ll learn that the IOX is a gateway into Waves’ SoundGrid audio network, which is capable of some awesome audio file […]


Yamaha Rivage PM10 Hits AES.. and the Road

By Bill Evans / October 28, 2015

The new flagship RIVAGE PM10 Digital Audio Console will be shown at the Yamaha Professional Audio booth #319 and demonstrated in room #1A03 throughout the AES Show in New York October 30-November 1. The new console is also making a huge impact as it makes its way around North America for one-on-one and group demonstrations […]

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