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Author: Bill Evans

To Console Or Not To Console

In this short video clip, The Rev., E-Rock (Erik Rogers) and Dublin (Steve Stapleton) start out talking about using Erik’s iPad to Galileo system controller, descend into questioning the need for a physical console and hit bottom with a comparison of a system to feline fornication....

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Roger and David All Grown Up

As impressive as the staging and audio was on Roger Waters’ The Wall tour, the coolest thing was seeing a guy go from totally screwed up to totally at home is his own skin. His sincere gratitude in addressing the audience when I saw the show was inspiring. And this perforrmance with the guy he was at serious odds with for many years was beyond cool. Check this one-time-only performance of Rogrer and David doing Comfortably Numb in London....

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Bill Evans

The quintessential “guy in the band who owns the PA.” And eventually learned a bit about running it and happened to be able to write. Some. Editor of the Pasadena Weekly Newspaper from ’90-’94 where he got some awards for stuff his kick-ass staff did. Editor of GIG magazine from ’94-2002. Editor of Front of House Magazine from 2002-2011, (And for the record, I quit and THEN I got fired…). Leader of a “really good even if i say so myself” soul/rock band called Rev. Bill and the Soul Believers or Rock&Soul 2.0 depending on which agent is booking...

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