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I had a client call me in a bind. He needed to down-grade the firmware on a DL251 back to 2.05.04 to work on an X32...the problem he had was that he only has PRO1 consoles...and they never shipped with software that old.

The following is excerpts from a thread on Jim Roese’s Facebook page.

You must be getting tired of reading about it. I know I am sick of writing about it. But we have more Fun With Wireless… Episode #I-Don’t-Know-I-Lost-Track-A-Long-Time-Ago.

Dear SxSW... You suck. xxoo, E-Rock

I've been traveling overseas a lot lately and the flying and jetlag is doing me in.  Do you have any tips to get me through this world tour thing?

What happened at NAMM? Whaddaya think? I got ignored by Whirlwind and milked out a couple good dinners. Same as it ever was.

I'm pretty sure I'd be right on point if I were to say that just about all of us in the music industry are in it because of the passion we have for music. I know it's not always about the money, it certainly isn't for me. If it was all about the money for me then I would have gotten out a long time ago. There were some lean times for me back in the day when I started out. Thankfully things have been stable for a while and I'm glad I toughed it out and I'm still in it.  Sure, we all get our fair share of the tough gigs we're not big fans of.

It’s a phrase born of the new millennium and I assure you it is most definitely real. 

 I seem to be catching a lot of colds. Is there a way I can stay healthy this winter while still being on the road and is there anything I can take if I do get sick?

 I have been working FOH for a few years now and I am feeling an intense amount of eye strain.  I feel like my eye balls are aching and I really want to rub them but its not helping, only making it worse.