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I lost a friend, and a mentor today.  It hurts to lose a friend.  Especially someone that has been in your life for over 20 years.  I was first introduced to ML in 1986, only I didn’t remember that until later...

It was a Saturday, a day like any other day that we’d get up at 3:00 AM, fly across the country (with a connection of course) and then drive two hours to a gig. Then back home the next AM, a typical fly date/kamikaze mission. Except we didn’t realize that there was bad weather moving through the lower part of the country. When we arrived in Atlanta I had a message from the promoter asking me to call him ASAP. “You guys aren’t flying through Dallas, are you?” We weren’t.

“C’mon what is the price for you to mix this show?”  If he asks enough times, will the price change?  Then it came to me.  I need to speak to this guy in terms that he understands.  

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Hello Sue,

What exactly does "eating right" mean to those of us on the road going at it 18 hrs a day? And what to do when the best menu is not available?


So buckle up, here we go. By now, I’m sure that many of you have heard about the recording efforts of self-proclaimed recordist J.M. Ladd and the events that followed his recent efforts.

Well, a new bunch of fly dates - this time to China.  I am excited about this as I have never been to China. From Seattle the first flight is 12 hrs.  That's a long time in coach, still a long time in Economy Plus or what ever your airline calls it that day.  A quick plane change in Shanghai and I am off to Guangzhou.


What's with the dude who used to be a "big time front of house guy", who has Spinal-Tapped down to a C-level touring act playing clubs being a total shithead? I get it dude, I don't like club gigs either, they are a pain in the ass for all of us; but hey, whatever it takes to make the world be what it do.

We lost a couple of bigger than life personalities lately; namely Patrick Stansfield and most recently legendary monitor engineer Davey Bryson—two gentlemen who demanded reverence simply by the mention of their names.

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