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Men are a little lower on the food chain. If it weren’t illegal, men would simply throw rocks at men that they don’t like. But we can’t do that. So we give nicknames.

We went into many venues totally blind. There is the time in Tennessee where the contact just could not tell me what exactly was in the club in terms of staging or PA. But he told me “don’t worry.”  Well those words MAKE ME WORRY!

The skill—and rest assured, it IS a skill—of career management has served me very well. And guess what, it would likely serve you very well too, if you would devote even half as much time to it, as you do to getting that elusive kick drum sound. Being labeled a good manager and promoter of your career is not a knock, it’s a compliment.

A few weeks ago I had an experience that’s worth sharing so that (a) you won’t have the same problem and (b) because it reeled in my audio ego and stuffed it back into the confines of my helmet.

Recent events have caused me to start to rethink some of the ways that I approach my mixes.

Yup, that’s me calling a show at an early age. Well not really, but somehow it doesn’t seem all that long ago… I remember my first gig though. I got my start in the biz in the very early 80’s. I was humping PA for a local music store.

Leslie’s list of clients, projects, and accomplishments over the years has been extensive, and she says the diversity has helped her longevity in the business.

“Would he do it for $40/night?”, the manager asked. Would he do what for $40? And who is "he"? You'll just have to read more to find out...

Cursing myself, I flailed hopelessly with the touch screen (this was an entirely new experience for me),

The choice of what mic to use on what instrument is a very personal one