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Who’s Really Running the Show?

By Pooch / May 14, 2016

BY KEN “POOCH” VAN DRUTEN In business, money talks.  And the music business is just that… a business. When we are talking about the live event industry, money has always been king, but over the past five (or maybe 10) years, money has taken a sinister front seat to the point that NOTHING else matters.  […]


R-E-S-P-E-C-T… Earned, Not Given

By Pooch / September 10, 2015

BY KEN “POOCH” VAN DRUTEN I meet a lot of roadies these days who are young, willing, and hard working.   This is unusual amongst the younger generation of workers in the “real” world, and it makes my heart happy to know that there ARE those who still believe in what they do for a […]


Scared For 40 Years

By Pooch / April 6, 2015

Just got done doing a show in Moscow, Russia. You may have seen some hype for the new Transformers 3 movie. Pictures here. Video Here. Linkin Park has a long standing relationship with the franchise, and we were there to perform for the big movie premiere. All of the stars were out and even our […]