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Presonus Capture and Studio One v3

By Bill Evans / October 22, 2015

We have talked a lot about the new Presonus mix system that I have now been using for about six months. To review, the RM32AI is a badass mix system that combines 32 inputs and 16 aux mixes in a 4U rack box and marries it to a software package called UC Surface that allows […]


REVIEW: Waves H-Reverb Plug-In

By Bill Evans / October 15, 2015

By Rev. Bill “Hi, my name is Rev. Bill and I am a reverb freak.” I remember maybe 7 or 8 years ago when I was introduced to the Album “Just a Little Lovin’ “ by Shelby Lynn. You may know the story. After a decade toiling in obscurity, Shelby became an “overnight sensation” and […]


License and Registration, Please…

By spladmin / August 13, 2015

We are revisiting this because there is some new news about the future of the 600 mHz band and wireless mics and monitors. The following piece by Shure’s Mark Brunner–written about a year ago–hinted at what might come and it is now official.   This week, the FCC adopted rules for use by unlicensed devices […]


“We’ve Lost Something With Line Arrays…”

By Bill Evans / August 5, 2015

When I first started covering pro audio I went on record a time or two about Meyer Sound systems. I believe I said something like they sounded great for pop and jazz and acoustic but that they might be a bit too “polite” for metal or hip-hop. Then I went to my first Metallica show […]


Waves dbx 160 Plug In—Studio and Live

By Darth Fader / July 30, 2015

STUDIO BY DARTH FADER Back in the days when I was an Audio Padawan, every studio between here and Walin’or had dbx compressors in the control room. Some had the 165, others the 162 but the main one was the 160, which is now often referred to as the 160 VU to identify the presence […]


Optimizing Playback Tracks For Live Performance

By Robert Caprio / July 23, 2015

This is a plea to all those studio guys who are prepping tracks for an artist to go out and perform with.  You might think you’re doing all us live guys (actually, I do lots of both, as many of us do) a favor by making the tracks sound BIG by using lots of compression […]


Gear Review: Waves dbx 160 Plug-In

By Darth Fader / June 26, 2015

(ED. NOTE: Lord Fader looked at this new offering from Waves in a studio setting, for the live take, see Erik “E-Rock” Rogers’ review from a few weeks ago.) Back in the days when I was an Audio Padawan, every studio between here and Walin’or had dbx compressors in the control room. Some had the […]


ON IEC Lock For 20¢

By Jim Roese / June 15, 2015

Maybe this Featured Video slot should just be renamed the Jim Roese Video slot. He’s in it all the freakin’ time. And it’s because he consistently comes up with great solutions. This time out he eschews high tech in favor of Home Depot.  Check it out…  


Automatic Delay Compensation Explained

By Darth Fader / June 4, 2015

Imagine that you are mixing a session, and all of your audio tracks are racing to the mix bus. When there are no plug-ins inserted on any of the audio tracks, they all reach the mix bus at the same time. It’s a multi-way tie. Now imagine that you need a compressor plug-in on the […]

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