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It’s That Time of the Year

By Erik Rogers / April 7, 2015

It’s festival season. Systems Engineers all over the world are pouring over riders and input lists, programming consoles and system processors. It’s festival season. Systems Engineers all over the world are pouring over riders and input lists, programming consoles and system processors and preparing to tune sound systems for dozens of bands to hit their […]


Loud Monitors–Are you Responsible if Your Artist Goes Deaf?

By Robert Caprio / April 6, 2015

After mixing monitors for a well known female artist last night I got to wondering: who is ultimately responsible for an artist’s hearing, if not the artist themself? From my point of view it seems logical to think that the next person besides the artist themselves bears that burden, and in a typical concert environment […]


Feeling the Squeeze

By Bill Evans / April 6, 2015

By Chris Musgrave I have read many articles that do their utmost best to describe mixing music. Some say we are artists–and I can see that definition applied to our practice, for sure. We are sculpting a soundscape, if you will. Others like to say that mixing audio is merely manipulation. I can see this definition […]


Scared For 40 Years

By Pooch / April 6, 2015

Just got done doing a show in Moscow, Russia. You may have seen some hype for the new Transformers 3 movie. Pictures here. Video Here. Linkin Park has a long standing relationship with the franchise, and we were there to perform for the big movie premiere. All of the stars were out and even our […]


The Rant Zone–Running Amuck In Winnemucca

By Larry Hall / April 6, 2015

SPL Video Blogger/Gear Reviewer/Soundco Owner Known as Big Daddy AKA Larry Hall of HAS Productions in Las Vegas tells a tale of brothels, bands that say “bro” and bikers with Pomeranians riding bitch in episode 1 of The Rant. Got something to rant about? Let us know about it and maybe you’ll get your own […]


Stage Collapses–A Player’s Perspective

By Bill Evans / April 4, 2015

This was originally posted on SPL’s sister site for musicians–The Live2Play Network. At the reqiest of some of the SPL tribe, it is being cross posted here.–Ed. By Andrea Bensmiller Recent stage collapses have consumed most of our head space around here lately—The videos are absolutely soul crushing. Yesterday, Sugarland and Sara Bareillas, the […]


Time is Blowing In the Wind

By Bill Evans / April 4, 2015

Stevie Wonder’s performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary show was off the hook. And a lesson for every performer. When a technical glitch meant that the lights came up, a full house at Madison Square Garden roared and…. there was zero audio. Stevie did not freak out. He gave the […]


Kerrie Mondy

By spladmin / March 26, 2015

For someone who only began working in live sound 2 1/2 years ago, Kerrie Mondy is a very busy woman.  Along with being a FOH Engineer, Kerrie is currently the Resident Engineer/Sound Designer for New Line Theater, a little theater company in St. Louis, MO.  She also works as a stage hand, freelance audio tech, […]

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