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Miking a Guitar Amp WIthout a Mic Stand

By Robert Caprio / April 14, 2015

The Audix Cab Grabber in action.


3) Use a Z-Bar


The Z-Bar is the simplest, most affordable and most flexible non-mic-stand solution. It is literally a Z-shaped aluminum bar with a distance-adjustable mic clip. It can be used on pretty much any amp. Between the head and speaker cab. With the arm strung through the handle of a combo amp or with one arm between the bottom of the amp or cabinet and the floor. The only real con is that most music stores don’t carry them so you have to order online, but they cost 1/2 of what a CabGrabber runs. The “Roll Your Own” button to the left brings up a video on how to make your own with stuff you can buy at pretty much any home supply store (Home Depot, Lowes, etc.).


Z Bar in action

A Z-Bar in use.  The Z-Bar can also be inserted between cabinets or beneath the amp’s handle.

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