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Gear Review: Waves dbx 160 Plug-In

By Darth Fader / June 26, 2015

(ED. NOTE: Lord Fader looked at this new offering from Waves in a studio setting, for the live take, see Erik “E-Rock” Rogers’ review from a few weeks ago.) Back in the days when I was an Audio Padawan, every studio between here and Walin’or had dbx compressors in the control room. Some had the […]


Waves dbx 160 Compressor Plug-In

By Erik Rogers / May 22, 2015

I cut my teeth on a Crest GT40, analogue console.  I loved everything about that desk.  I couldn’t imagine needing more than 8 aux sends back then and I didn’t know what a VCA was.  To the right of my console was a rack full of outboard dynamic and effect units that were either inserted […]


Feeling the Squeeze

By Bill Evans / April 6, 2015

By Chris Musgrave I have read many articles that do their utmost best to describe mixing music. Some say we are artists–and I can see that definition applied to our practice, for sure. We are sculpting a soundscape, if you will. Others like to say that mixing audio is merely manipulation. I can see this definition […]


Lead Vocal Compression

By Ace Baker / November 14, 2014

Lead Vocal Compression   Let’s face it folks, the lead vocal is the most important part of a live performance, at least as far a pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop or any show with a lead vocalist show goes. Granted if you’re mixing Yo Yo Ma then obviously the cello becomes your lead instrument but for […]