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Road Test Gear Review: DiGiCo S21

By Neil McVey / August 12, 2016

Editor’s Note: This is one of those rare times when we are going to review a new product more than once. Over the past handful of years, we have seen the digital console world totally upended by the introduction of desks with more power than anyone could even imagine just a decade ago being available […]


Waves eMotion Is (FINALLY) Here

By Bill Evans / January 25, 2016

One of the only things I missed and regretted about skipping NAMM this year was the chance to see a shipping version of the Waves eMotion mixing system. I have been after a totally computer based system for a long long time now. I bought one of Bob Lentini’s SAC rigs back in about 2010. […]


DiGiCo: Making ‘Em Last Longer

By Bill Evans / January 21, 2016

About 6 years ago, I was interviewing a well-known live sound figure at a shed in Cincinnati and–as it often happens (and is one of my favorite things about conversations with him)–we got way off track and into conjecture about where all this digital stuff is headed. I remember him saying something about what was then one […]



By Bill Evans / December 17, 2015

BY DARTH FADER If you look at it from the surface, the DiGiGrid IOX from Waves and DiGiCo is a 12-input, 6-output audio interface designed for use with your DAW. When you look closer you’ll learn that the IOX is a gateway into Waves’ SoundGrid audio network, which is capable of some awesome audio file […]


NAB: Console Wars v 2.0

By Bill Evans / April 22, 2015

It’s the quick version but this is v2. Not only are we putting this on a brand spankin’ new version of the SPL site but we have added our own video for Avid and DiGiCo and stripped out the “official” ones. One second thought, maybe we’ll keep the officials and just add the ones we […]


NAB 2015: Console Wars Are On… Again

By Bill Evans / April 17, 2015

It’s the quick version. We also have video from the NAB show and are expecting some good content from Messe but that stuff still needs to get posted. But suffice to say that Console Wars are back in a big way. We’ll do this alphabetically… Avid. A whole new system. We have about 30 mins […]


Kevin Madigan On the Crosby/Nash Express

By Bill Evans / April 8, 2015

Kevin Madigan took some time out from a Crosby and Nash one-off in Las Vegas to talk with SPL about everything from his new console, to the prospect of touring Europe using rented instruments, to making sure the Wood Police don’t seize the vintage instruments his bosses have been playing for years. You can get […]

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