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Optimizing Playback Tracks For Live Performance

By Robert Caprio / July 23, 2015

This is a plea to all those studio guys who are prepping tracks for an artist to go out and perform with.  You might think you’re doing all us live guys (actually, I do lots of both, as many of us do) a favor by making the tracks sound BIG by using lots of compression […]


I Don’t Care if It’s Black Sabbath Or the Pope

By Erik Rogers / April 24, 2015

I was fortunate to work several campaign events this year.  At the most recent one there was a heavy emphasis placed on audio. It was the last event of the campaign and they were pulling all the stops to win as many votes as possible.   The event took place in a 10,000 seat arena.  Two […]


Too Loud? It’s Complicated

By Robert Scovill / April 8, 2015

 Oh boy, “how loud is too loud” is one sticky wicket. What seems like such a simple concept is actually quite complex in nature. With regard to government agencies regulating concert sound pressure levels; If you think the government won’t take the time to legislate it, consider that today’s Congress and Senate are currently working […]