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“Two PM5 Things And That’s IT!”

By Larry Hall / May 12, 2016

April is a big month for small to medium festivals in Las Vegas. We have done our fair share this year. Here are some of the challenges, trials and tribulations of one of the festive festivals we have done so far.  🙂   This JAZZ thing.   The Promoter has been doing this for 350 […]


Mixing Live Jazz Shows

By Dave Kuhn / June 18, 2015

There are very few hard and fast rules to mixing any kind of music, but here are some techniques that have worked for me and my colleagues when manning FOH at a jazz performance.   Jazz in 2012 is probably one of the most diverse genres in music to mix. A jazz performance can consist […]


Competition Versus Cooperation

By Dave Kuhn / April 24, 2015

The live audio field is historically a very competitive business. Those that get far and have long careers in this business have to have skill and a passion for the job beyond just a paycheck. Before the advent of schools geared toward the audio field, live engineers came up thru a difficult “apprenticeship”—sweeping the warehouse, […]