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“Two PM5 Things And That’s IT!”

By Larry Hall / May 12, 2016

April is a big month for small to medium festivals in Las Vegas. We have done our fair share this year. Here are some of the challenges, trials and tribulations of one of the festive festivals we have done so far.  🙂   This JAZZ thing.   The Promoter has been doing this for 350 […]


Getting “That Journey Sound” With Josh and Meaux

By Bill Evans / October 22, 2015

Every gig has it’s own set of challenges and pressure. It could be personalities. Rock stars are not known for being the most stable bunch. It could be time. I remember talking with crew for the Roger Waters The Wall tour. It was a 12-hour in and a 4-hour out. And they were doing back […]


So… Unions… Love ’em Or Hate ’em?

By Bill Evans / May 22, 2015

BY GEOFF LISSAMAN   Personally I’m not such a fan and recent experiences just seem to reinforce that. But before I tell the story I guess some background is needed.   It has been close to 20 years that I’ve been living/working in the USA.  I don’t think I say “Eh?” much anymore and have […]


Thunder Audio, Deep Purple and an Orchestra

By Bill Evans / April 8, 2015

A legendarily loud band with an orchestra on a tour just about long enough to get things really dialed in before it ended. Just another summer romp for this crew from Detroit-based Thunder Audio. Click HERE or on the photo below to go to the SPL Active eZine for text, pics, crew and gear lists and a […]


Sound Bytes: Ace Baker

By Bill Evans / April 8, 2015

Michael “Ace” Baker is one of those guys who does not specialize. The weekend we got with him he was doing Colin Haye between two New Edition gigs after a short run with Joan Osborne and before dates with Sheila E. And he just got the Chickenfoot tour. Sweet.


Summerland 2013: 117 Degrees In the Shade

By Bill Evans / September 22, 2013

Thirty-eight shows in two months. Four bands. Three hours. All hits. Fifteen minute changeovers. The crew on the Summerland 2013 tour was BUSY. And they pulled in to Vegas on the hottest day EVER. We chatted with Everclear house engineer and PM for the whole shebang, Derrick Steinman.

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