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Pirates and Thieves? Sounds Good…

By Pooch / April 24, 2015

  The live sound industry seems to attract pirates and thieves. In a captain Jack Sparrow kind of a way, we meander thru on our Prevost pirate ships coming soon to a town near you. I had the pleasure of attending Webster University’s Audio Engineering Society earlier this year. It was really a pleasure to lecture […]


Miking a Guitar Amp WIthout a Mic Stand

By Robert Caprio / April 14, 2015

When you get to the point where you are playing rooms big enough where you have to actually mic your guitar amp instead of being constantly told to turn it the hell down, you may be faced with an “issue.” As long as the venue is providing sound or there is a sound company involved, […]


Summerland 2013: 117 Degrees In the Shade

By Bill Evans / September 22, 2013

Thirty-eight shows in two months. Four bands. Three hours. All hits. Fifteen minute changeovers. The crew on the Summerland 2013 tour was BUSY. And they pulled in to Vegas on the hottest day EVER. We chatted with Everclear house engineer and PM for the whole shebang, Derrick Steinman.

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