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Don’t Look Back, You Can Never Look Back

By Bill Evans / August 9, 2016

This will probably be a disjointed mess. There has been a lot on my mind. Some of it audio but most of it loosely connected at best. I’ve been staying—largely—away from Facebook these days. Partially because I spend about 50 hours a week dealing with social media in my “other” life and partially just because, […]


Pirates and Thieves? Sounds Good…

By Pooch / April 24, 2015

  The live sound industry seems to attract pirates and thieves. In a captain Jack Sparrow kind of a way, we meander thru on our Prevost pirate ships coming soon to a town near you. I had the pleasure of attending Webster University’s Audio Engineering Society earlier this year. It was really a pleasure to lecture […]


The Politics of Live Sound Mixing and the Sacrificial Lamb

By Pooch / April 8, 2015

OH yes, the politics.  The dirty little secret of live sound mixing.  I believe that, on any given day, 50% of our job is politics and 50% of our job is actually mixing.   The problem is that MOST times this is out of wack, one way or another. Somtimes our job is 90% politics […]


Scared For 40 Years

By Pooch / April 6, 2015

Just got done doing a show in Moscow, Russia. You may have seen some hype for the new Transformers 3 movie. Pictures here. Video Here. Linkin Park has a long standing relationship with the franchise, and we were there to perform for the big movie premiere. All of the stars were out and even our […]


Sonnet Technologies Echo Express Thunderbolt Chassis

By Pooch / November 3, 2013

Stuff just keeps getting smaller. Not all that long ago, recording a gig meant calling in a totally separate company with their own engineers and a whole truck full of gear. Then it became a rack or two of stuff and maybe one extra guy on the crew. And lately, it is just another hat […]


Pooch Joins MSI—Great Minds Think Alike…

By Bill Evans / September 7, 2012

Maryland Sound was a big force in touring for a really long time. But in the past decade, they’ve focused on other areas of the production biz and have done really well there. Recently we started hearing rumblings that they were looking to increase their touring portfolio. How serious are they? Well, they bought 300 […]

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