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Miking a Guitar Amp WIthout a Mic Stand

By Robert Caprio / April 14, 2015

When you get to the point where you are playing rooms big enough where you have to actually mic your guitar amp instead of being constantly told to turn it the hell down, you may be faced with an “issue.” As long as the venue is providing sound or there is a sound company involved, […]


Lead Vocal Compression

By Ace Baker / November 14, 2014

Lead Vocal Compression   Let’s face it folks, the lead vocal is the most important part of a live performance, at least as far a pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop or any show with a lead vocalist show goes. Granted if you’re mixing Yo Yo Ma then obviously the cello becomes your lead instrument but for […]


Those Gigs That Make them All Worthwhile.

By Ace Baker / January 30, 2014

I’m pretty sure I’d be right on point if I were to say that just about all of us in the music industry are in it because of the passion we have for music. I know it’s not always about the money, it certainly isn’t for me. If it was all about the money for […]


This Crazy Gig!

By Ace Baker / June 26, 2013

As I surpass the two year mark mixing FOH for Cee Lo Green I figured I’d let you all in on some of the more interesting facets of this gig.