UPDATE: 11:15 New video. This storm was a mofo.

More news as we get it. No deaths. 15 injuries but none serious. Some gear damaged. Video here: http://yfrog.com/7779723016yfcqbhanwcqewthssecz

UPDATE 4:54 PM Pacific  From the band Rowwen Heze which was scheduled to play on the same stage.

Rowwen Heze

In the field is much hail. Initially it was feared that the environment must hail layer would cool that people would get hypothermia, but that turned out better than expected.

The festival was just opened, there were 150 people in the tent and 350 on the ground. The festival, where thousands of people can, has been canceled. Saturday would include Rowwen Heze play. The members of the band and their employees are safe.

good hands

The mayor of Steenwijkerland, Marja van der Tas, praised the microphone of the RTV Oost workers. ” The key is that assistance very quickly on the spot, and everyone quickly got help that needed it. “

“We are together on site, the roads and the parking lot to watch. Everyone is in good hands. Despite the fact that victims are struck by the number of injured people happy.”

Police asks people not to clamp Steenwijkerwold to come.


Fifteen people were injured, police reported.


Added: Saturday, August 4, 2012, 21:25

Update: Sunday, August 5, 2012, 00:40

At a festival in Steenwijkerwold in Overijssel, is a large tent collapsed due to bad weather. In the field it was Dicky Woodstock pop festival held.

According to police, eleven people injured by ambulances to hospitals in Zwolle and Meppel placed Heerenveen. In addition, a number of people own transport to the hospital.

According to a police spokesman said the wounded are not very serious condition. They have bruises and fractures. On Twitter rumor that someone would be killed, but that’s not true, police said. In the tent were about 150 people.

The emergency services after the first report marched en masse and were in about 10 minutes on the spot. They have people under the tent taken away and disposed of. The environment is deposited. The festival was immediately canceled and now there are no visitors on the site anymore.


In the tent would be a concert given by Walker Heze. The band had not started yet, so the tent was not yet full.

According to eyewitnesses, hit it again suddenly. “The weather change was unexpected and extreme,” says music journalist Jean-Paul Heck prior to Rowwen Heze would perform with his band. “The weather was nice when we arrived at 20.00, but that hit within 2 minutes.”

There were gusts of wind and it began to hail enormous. The wind came under the covering of the largest tent in the field and threw a big part. “The part where the podium was left, the part of the audience collapsed,” said Heck. In the field were three tents, the other two have remained standing.


Heck says that it is a big mess on the ground. “It looks very dramatic. People are being removed from under the canvas.”

The Dicky Woodstock pop festival lasts three days. Today was the last day. The occurrence of Rowwen Heze had to be festive conclusion.

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