Adamson has taken a unique track in putting out its new Energia (AKA E Series) loudspeakers. Instead of releasing a finished product they have been doing it in “Beta” stages and listening to their users at each stage in the process.

The first Beta was all about the electro-acoustical and mechanical stuff. That would be the actual speakers and enclosures and the rigging. Beta II is all about power and control

In Beta II, a Class D amplifier module is shock-mounted to the inside of the e-capsule, which then acts as a heat sink. The system is energized with a single cable capable of carrying AC power and analog signals. (In Beta III the cable will also carry AVB data.) The E15 requires one cable from the ground to drive four cabinets. The master Ground Control system with a built in UPS will slave multiple distribution panels. Diagnostics features allow for energy metering and angular data of every enclosure, while giving systems engineers access to individual bands in each E15 array element.

More at the Adamson site and their FaceBook page. Or check the video