The Pooch interview is below. But first, check out these videos of the rig being flown. With one guy…


Back to the press release stuff….

“In keeping with tradition of making the best sounding speaker boxes in the world, Adamson have outdone themselves.  The E15 combined with the T21 is a force to be reckoned with. This changes everything.  Watch out, there is a new kid on the block, and he is a bad ass.” Begins Ken “Pooch” Van Druten about his experience mixing Linkin Park on the new Adamson E15 rig in Jakarta Indonesia.


A set of shows over 2 evenings was the Asian maiden voyage for the new Adamson E15 system.

Big Daddy productions based in Jakarta, Indonesia together with Team 108, Adamson’s Distributor for Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia), came together to provide a large scale  E15 system for the 2 back-to-back events. 


Big Daddy productions, a division of Big Daddy Entertainment Group, who are best known for their being a top tier live events promoter, recently acquired a E15 system as a beta testing company.  This enables Big Daddy to place the new system in front of numerous tours and FOH engineers travelling through the heavily populated nation. Upcoming tours making a stop in Jakarta on the new Adamson rig include Sadie, Richard Marx, Elton John and Rod Stewart.



Team 108’s technical staff were on the ground among Adamson’s Director of Marketing & Sales Jesse Adamson, and Technical Sales Support Ewan McDonald, who flew in to direct and ensure training of staff, and to achieve the best possible sounding setup for the multi-award winning sound crew of the Grammy winning band, Linkin Park.  



McDonald who designed the system for the venue, arrived at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Senayan, Jakarta, to oversee safe setup of the PA tower.  Adamson and Team 108 aided local system integrator Big Tone with the rigging and installation of the PA.  A total of 60 x E15’s, 38 x T21’s and 16 x Metrix were deployed to cover the stadium show.  The final configuration included 18 x E15’s flanked by 8 flown T21 subs per side, with 12 E15’s on each side hang.  Additional ground support for the flown arrays was made up of 2 stacks of End-Fire Cardioid T21 Sub arrays, each consisting of 6 T21subs in front of the stage, and two Horizontal arrays of 5 T21 Subs covering the extreme left/right seating. A horizontal array was used to minimize lobing effects on the centre seating area and only focus sub energy on the outside seats. Four stacks of 4 Metrix 5 degree cabinets were used  as front fills.



The first run with the system setup was done on September 20th. The Big Wave Festival which featured Panic! At The Disco, Yellowcard, and headliners Bad Religion had what sounds like a successful run in the words of Ron Kimball, Bad Religion FOH Engineer: “From myself and on behalf of the band, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Adamson team for making what could have been a tough show, an easy day and a great show. The combination of E15 and T21 delivered incredible output without any sign of breaking up. Everyone from the promoter, bands, band engineers and the fans enjoyed the show, and that is always the measure of a great show.” 



The next day a reported 20,000 fans came to get pounded by Linkin Park, the rafters were also  full with Big Daddy and affiliated personnel eager to hear the E15 system in action.  Devanata Gura, Managing Director of Big Tone had a few things to say about the sound quality: “Definitely a new landmark standard is set for concerts in Indonesia. After the concert, several prominent Indonesian concert promoters and rental companies inquired about the sound system, because they were stunned. It was in your face without hurting your ears, with awesome, well-defined LF punch on your body”. 


Michael Rusli The Managing of Big Daddy Production seconded his thoughts: “Unbelievable sound experience, even at very high SPL it’s just like an ear soothing audiophile HiFi system in terms of clarity and sound separation with superb low frequencies flapping my pants. Now I understand why Linkin Park listed Adamson Systems at the top of their rider.”

Dene Dave Loah, Managing Director of Hesed Indonesia added: “I was given the opportunity to travel to many developed countries to listen to many high-end, large-scale concert systems accompanied by reputed manufacturers. But I never thought I would experience the best live performance sound in my own country – well done Adamson!”