At least three systems (all under $500) for recording directly to the device that is fast becoming a mandatory part of the audio toolbox.

We all know how little I like trade shows. So, I’ll refrain from bitching. But… I did almost skip AES this year. Skipped it last year. The Audio Engineering Society insists on hosting their conventions in New York or San Francisco. Lovely cities, but expensive. 

The cool stuff at the AES 2012 show was mostly in the mic area. Oh, and iPad everything. At least three systems (all under $500) for recording directly to the device that is fast becoming a mandatory part of the audio toolbox.

Here’s a little quickie video tour….

And here’s a look at a studio mic from a new company called Lewitt Mics. Check out the feature that automatically engages a pad if the mic clips. They also have a dual-element kick drum mic with a $299 price tag.  Send one out and we’re gonna throw it around a stage and see what happens. For now, check out the self-attenuation thing.

Next, Shure showed a new version of the KSM9, known among many of us as the “diva mic.” Two new polar patterns… Take it away Mike Lohman (AKA Shure Mike)

Finally, wireless. It’s about to get bad again, brothers and sisters. Ran into Mark Brunner who has been the point dude for Shure on the wireless wars for a long time. Those “safe” UHF channels? Think again. The govt sees money to be made and have opened up a weird auction process that is kind of like an eBay aucition with a reserve price. They got to TV stations and try to get them to agree to go off the air by moving to a VHF frequency or sharing space with another staion. The station sets a price at which they would be willing to do that and the auction begins. “Hey ATT, how much is this chunk of bandwidth in this city worth to ya?”

If the price the market is willing to bear meet or exceeds the “reserve” then we lose an other chunk of bandwidth. So, no, those safe TV channels the FCC promised may not be safe after all.

The ironic thing is that i was on my way to talk with Gary Boss about the latest Audio-Technica wireless. Digital. 2.4 gHz (outside the UHF range…) with some pretty cool diversity features that we are dying to play with. They’re sending some out for us to try and break. Oh, and they start at about three bills street.  UHF? We don’t need no estinking UHF.

There, that oughta at least semi sooth your gear jones…  Be sure to share it with your frineds. Speaking of sharing and friends. Was walking downthe aisle and this dude called me by name and stopped me. Turned out it was Brian “Skinny” Kinnaman. One of the audio tribe based in the Omaha area who is a big SoundProLive supporter and FaceBook friend. And now we can actually say we have been able to shake hands. Which is really what these trade show things are really all about anyway. On second thought, maybe they are kinda cool.