Image: SD10-24 Console


New York, NY — October 21, 2011 —

DiGiCo, the UK-based manufacturer of some of the world’s most popular, successful and ground-breaking digital mixing consoles is pleased to showcase a range of new and innovative products at the AES Exhibition, October 21-23rd, 2011 at booth #530 of its U.S. distributor Group One, Ltd. 

Remote Rack RR-PSU For SD Range Of Consoles

There are certain situations where one needs absolute quiet as in a broadcast situation. With this in mind, DiGiCo has developed the Remote Rack PSU or RR-PSU for its SD range of digital mixing consoles. This simple, yet elegant, solution comprises two modules: one with a single multi-pin connector, the other a 3U rack mount unit with a corresponding multi-pin connector and two power supply sockets. These two modules are connected via a 5m long cable, which allows the power supply to sit in a remote location, thus removing any fan noise from the level sensitive area. The RR-PSU can also be used in conjunction with the SD11, with the additional benefit of turning the SD11 into a redundant PSU system. 


The new MINI and NANO racks will offer a wide range of input and output options for any DiGiCo SD audio system. Multiple DiGiCo mixing consoles can be positioned in an ‘Optocore’ 2G optical loop, ideally suited to complex live or broadcast productions where multiple consoles need to share and sub-mix I/O. A perfect example of how this can work in the real world is a scenario of FOH, Monitors and a live broadcast feed. Where the MINI and NANO racks come into their own is that, instead of all the I/O connections having to be in one place, they can be distributed throughout a venue at the most convenient points.

SD10-24 Console

In certain situations size really does matter. But even when it is of paramount importance, do you really want to compromise on the features available on your digital console? If the answer is no, then the SD10-24 is for you. The SD10-24, like the original SD Ten launched at ProLight+Sound earlier this year, is a console that boasts features and benefits that instantly distinguish it from the others in the SD Series and every other digital console on the market, just in a more compact package.