OK, the official story… Alcons is partnering with rental house StageTech to provide sound at the IFC Crossroads house at SxSW. For any of you  as unhip as me (yess i had to Google it)the IFC is the Independent Film Channel and they sponsor a venue at the big Austin tech and culture festival. This residency is the kickoff event for Alcons’ Pro Ribbon Experience tour.

The tech stuff…    The system showcased at the festival will consist of the LR14 and LR14B Line array system complimented by the BQ211 21” true carbon fiber subwoofer package.  Power and processing is handled by the Alcons ALC series amplifiers loaded with the “DDP” 24 bit digital drive processors.  Those interested in a special demonstration of the Alcons system while at SXSW or simply looking for more information should contact Alcons Audios US offices at info@alconsaudio.us or 949-439-8203

The event will really put the system through it’s paces with  showcases Wed, Thrusday and Friday nights with six bands a night and a DJ spinning in between acts.  “Austin is a very special place when it comes to music and live music venues, as such; the SXSW festival is the perfect place for us to kick off our “Pro Ribbon Experience” tour,” says US sales manager for Alcons David Rahn.

David and his crew will be sending along photos of the event as it goes down and we’ll be posting some of them here.  Make sure to follow Alcons and SoundProLive on FaceBook to see what’s up as it goes down. There has been some fairly cool stuff at SxSW over the years. Should be fun…