The moment I saw a picture of one, I put in an order for two Audix Cab Grabbers. This handy microphone stand is the solution for tight club backlines where short stands take up too much floor space, or are too tippy when planted amongst guitar stands, cables, and other stage gak. Two threaded and knurled collars set the user supplied mic and mic clip into position for the complete amount fancy positioning toward instrument amplifier grilles. The cab grabbing business: Two rubberized plastic tabs protruding from a spring loaded hollow metal shaft that is pulled open to wrap around a speaker cabinet side. Just letting go of the spring tension will provide grip around speaker/amplifier cabinet sidewall depths of 8 inches to 14 inches. Adding to the satin black finish of the cab grabber, are two rubber mic cable grips to route the mic around back of the cabinet, and away from the front side. After that, there is nothing more to the Audix cab grabber than pure utility.


Field Testing. The real purpose for the cab grabber is for amplifiers that may get jostled around the stage during the performance, and need the mic location to stay fixed no matter the stage movement. There have been other innovative devices like the Z-bar, but the Audix cab grabber eliminates the need to top/handle access, and give a firm grip on the cabinet with damaging vintage fabrics in the grabber jaws. Looking for shortcomings, the only one to be found is the limited range of motion on the mic clip interface. If your mic is way large, or the mic clip is limited in swing, the cab grabber may need a small gooseneck extender to help out. Otherwise, the Audix Cab Grabber is a welcome piece of innovation, and every sound company should have a couple near the stand trunk or mic locker. Pros: Innovative, Simple, Nice Cosmetics. Cons: Limited Freedom on Clip Interface Audix Microphones