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Author: Darth Fader

SPLNetwork Gear Review—Waves Abbey Road Collection

By Darth Fader  Those of you born before the Second Great Schism may not realize that back in the day there was no such thing as “off-the-shelf” recording gear. Most recording equipment was custom-manufactured to spec by studios for their exclusive use. Abbey Road Studio’s engineering department was at the forefront of such design. Developed in association with Abbey Road, Waves’ Abbey Road Collection is a suite of plug-ins that emulate the famed studio’s recording consoles, tape machines, EQs and microphones. Included in the Collection are five plug-ins: J37 Tape, REDD, Reel ADT, RS56 Passive EQ and The King’s...

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There’s Always Something to Learn

By Darth Fader A few weeks ago I had an experience that’s worth sharing so that (a) you won’t have the same problem and (b) because it reeled in my audio ego and stuffed it back into the confines of my helmet. I’d like to think I know a lot about audio but this goes to show that there’s always something new to learn. I was mixing a show for Figrin D’an and The Modal Nodes at Chalmun’s Cantina. The PA system was (let’s be polite here) antiquated: a Yamaha PM3000 analog mixing console, some really ratty home-made speaker...

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Darth Fader on the Waves Manny Marroquin Plug-in Bundle

Manny Marroquin is a star. Or as much of one as an engineer can be. Folks ranging from Alicia Keys and Lana Del Rey to Linkin Park and the Rolling Stones have turned to him for the certain something.    Waves has been doing engineer-specific bundles for a while now with Eddie Kramer and Chris Lord-Alge already in the stable. Now they are turning to one of the Young Guns to put together a bundle that epitomizes some of his typical signal processing setups. The Marroquin plugins include EQ,Delay, Reverb, Tone Shaper, Triple D and Distortion. Let’s break down...

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Pro Tools Goes to 11

The upgrade to Pro Tools 11 was released at the end of June and it promises significant improvements over past versions. Unlike recent software revisions, version 11 is more a re-writing of Pro Tools software, employing a new audio engine that takes advantage of 64-bit performance. Let’s look at some of the changes in Pro Tools 11. Pro Tools 11 marks the introduction of the Avid Audio Engine (AAE). When using the same hardware configuration as a system running Pro Tools 10, AAE provides increased processing power, so you can increase the number of virtual instruments and plug-ins running...

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Waves REDD Plugin

Those of you who were born after the Mandalore Defense Resolution are probably too young to know this, but there was a time when mixing consoles were not sold “off the shelf.” Back in the early days of multi-track analog production just about every mixing console was custom-made, often by the studio’s owner or chief engineer(s). In fact, while they were working on the Forcesaber, the Rakata built a mixing desk for Electric Lady. At the same time clear across the universe, Abbey Road Studios in London was on the cutting edge of audio development and their Recording Engineering...

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