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Author: Dave Kuhn

Mixing Live Jazz Shows

There are very few hard and fast rules to mixing any kind of music, but here are some techniques that have worked for me and my colleagues when manning FOH at a jazz performance.   Jazz in 2012 is probably one of the most diverse genres in music to mix. A jazz performance can consist of anything from a solo instrumentalist to a band and vocalist fronting a full orchestra. Instrumentation can be as simple as a solo acoustic guitar or as complex as an electric band with numerous horns, keyboards, percussion instruments and even playback of pre-recorded tracks....

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Competition Versus Cooperation

The live audio field is historically a very competitive business. Those that get far and have long careers in this business have to have skill and a passion for the job beyond just a paycheck. Before the advent of schools geared toward the audio field, live engineers came up thru a difficult “apprenticeship”—sweeping the warehouse, loading trucks and fixing cables—before ever getting near a console. Others worked long hours for little or no money in local clubs and churches honing their skills and learning by doing. This atmosphere sometimes led to a very competitive relationship with other struggling engineers....

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The Super Bowl?

The Hollywood Bowl. Any touring engineer will probably tell you that it is the best and most intimidating venue to mix in.  With a capacity of 18,000, and its 91 year history, the Bowl is in a category by itself. Always at the cutting edge of audio performance, the Bowl has undergone three sound system upgrades since my first show there in the mid 90’s. This last Sunday I was fortunate enough to work my 7th show there with Fred Vogel and the rest of the Bowl audio crew on their brand new L’Acoustics K-1 rig. Dave Kuhn at...

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Rock the Boat Part 2

Continued from here. In the Shall We Dance showroom Vince used an AVID SC-48 for FOH and 8 monitor mixes. The PA was d&b Q series speakers with EAW Microwedges for monitors. At the Pool Stage Toshi used an AVID SC-48 for FOH and 8 monitor mixes. His PA consisted of EAW LA 325’s atop EAW SB 1000 subs. FOH Engineer Dave Kuhn and Production Manager Brian Foisy discuss the set up at the pool where EAW LA 325’s and SB 1000’s were deployed along with an Avid SC-48 and EAW-MW 12 Microwedges. In all cases, the PA stacks...

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Rock the Boat

Here’s the deal. Put on a 7 day jazz festival. 30+ artists and musicians. 40+ performances on 3 stages with sound/lights and backline.  Include an Atrium venue, comedian performance, DJ, workshops and meet and greets.  Now put all of this on a moving, rocking 1000 ft. cruise liner traveling the open sea with 2000 passengers. This was the challenge presented to production manager Brian Foisy, and his production team recently on Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas. The process started months in advance with a site survey of the ship and its venues. SITE SURVEY AND GEAR SELECTION One...

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