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Author: Erik Rogers

Erik Rogers

Many moons ago, before becoming a touring FOH Engineer and a Parnelli Nominated Systems Engineer; I was a cocky, 20-year-old; one-man road crew for a friend’s cover band.  I had no idea what I was getting into.  I just knew that there were free booze and hot girls.  Mouthing off to the house engineer at a club in Cincinnati, Ohio somehow resulted in me ending up behind a mixing console.  All of a sudden I was full of questions.  What started as a hobby for a flaky kid with no direction became an obsession and a career path.  I...

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Polarity Versus Phase

  One of the most often misused terms among audio people is “phase”.  “Sound’s like it’s out of phase…” seems to be the go to troubleshooting response when something is out of whack. My response is always the same: “Do you mean polarity?”  To which the reply is: “It’s the same thing.” Unfortunately, phase and polarity are most definitely not the same thing.  In fact they have absolutely nothing in common.  Polarity is an electrical term determining the positive and negative sides of a balanced electrical signal while phase is a frequency- specific relationship of time.  Both have bearing on...

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