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Author: Jim Roese

ON IEC Lock For 20¢

Maybe this Featured Video slot should just be renamed the Jim Roese Video slot. He’s in it all the freakin’ time. And it’s because he consistently comes up with great solutions. This time out he eschews high tech in favor of Home Depot.  Check it out…...

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Waves Multirack Over AES50

Earlier this year, after I had figured out how to create a stable AES50 connection to my Mac Pro for recording solutions, I realized that the communication link that I had working for record and playback into my Mac could also be utilized for inserting plug-ins onto my Midas consoles. This was nothing new to the world, and as much as it proved to work, didn’t seem like a solution I’d want to use live.  Although once the AES50 handshake between the cards and the console had been established the rig worked fine, the Lynx AES16e50 PCIe I/O cards...

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