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Author: Pooch

Devastation, The Loss of a Friend and ML's Big Secret

By Ken “Pooch” Van Druten I lost a friend, and a mentor today.  It hurts to lose a friend.  Especially someone that has been in your life for over 20 years.  I was first introduced to ML in 1986, only I didn’t remember that until later.   In 1993 I was mixing a lot of bands that had kind of gone past their expiration date and had spoiled.  Mostly hair metal bands that were no longer playing places like the Forum. We were playing places like Harpo’s, and the Stone Pony, and the Station.  At the time I lived...

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Let's (Do the Management) Dance

By Pooch Van Druten Recently I was asked by one of my clients to remix a bunch of shows that I had mixed live, and recorded to my multitrack pro tools rig.  Sure, I said.  My studio rate is X amount of dollars per day, and I can probably get two songs a day done.  So your average show has 30 songs (or more) so that will take about 15 days, signed sealed, delivered.  15 times $X is the price.    The response email was “So really, what is this gonna cost us?”  Again I said 15 days times...

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Never Enough Time When You Change EVERYTHING

This is what happens when you work 15 hour days for weeks on end, and then sit for two minutes while the pro tools session loads… BY Ken “Pooch” Van Druten Sorry, all, for my absence.  The last three months for me have been seven days a week, 14 hours a day.  It started in March with passing the torch to a new production manager for Alter Bridge, as I was leaving that camp for Linkin Park.  Of course Tim “Quake” Mark did an outstanding job of taking over for me with AB, and in a seamless process, AB...

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Sonnet Technologies Echo Express Thunderbolt Chassis

Stuff just keeps getting smaller. Not all that long ago, recording a gig meant calling in a totally separate company with their own engineers and a whole truck full of gear. Then it became a rack or two of stuff and maybe one extra guy on the crew. And lately, it is just another hat that many of us wear and the extra gear often fits under the console that is already 1/4 the size it used to be. But it’s not done yet. And being the sadists we are here at SPLNetwork World HQ, when we found something...

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The Overuse of Plugs and the Destruction of Dynamics

  I look at my collection of plug ins as an arsenal.  It’s like an F1 mechanic’s tool box.  I have every tool in order to make my Ferrari make 300 mile per hour turns without hitting the wall.  But it takes the operator and the mechanic working together as a team to win first place.  If you tweak the wrong screw or adjust the shocks in a weird way, off the rails you go.   The same holds true of plug ins.  They are POWERFUL tools that allow us to do amazing things.  In the wrong hands…… blammo!...

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