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Author: Bill Evans

Las Vegas Sound Guy Lunch (Episode 1?)

OK, this took way too long to get edited and up online. The Rev. sucks. Happy? A full eight freaking weeks ago, we finally were able to do a video interview thingie that we hope will be the first of a bunch. Las Vegas Sound Guy Lunch. We tried this two years ago and crap audio made it unusable. My fault, I set it up in a noisy restaurant. This year it was the same basic script less the noisy restaurant. We did this during the day on New Year’s Eve. The idea is that there are so many...

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Road Test: Shure KSM8 Dualdyne Dynamic Handheld Vocal Mic

By RevBill As we all get over yet another round of NAMM madness, let me tell you how the weeks prior to a show work for us in what still passes for the pro audio press. The embargoed press releases start coming in about three weeks before the show. (For those unfamiliar with the term, embargoed means that the info is not to be publicly released before a specific date. In the case of NAMM it’s always the morning of the first day of the show.) Once upon a time, we could look at these embargoed releases and get an idea of...

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Mark Woodcock: Making Every Gig Count

By Rev. Bill Let this serve as a gentle reminder that every gig counts. In fact, that seemingly insignificant local gig may be the one that’s the mythical “big break.” Mark Woodcock started the way many a career has. Working—often for free—mixing club bands in his native England. He emigrated to the US and was picking up work for local companies where he could. One night—“Out of the blue,” he says—after mixing a show at a local club, he got a call and was asked to mix some shows for country legend Merle Haggard. He did not know that Merle...

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Do You Remember? Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 Celebrates “21st Night of September”

For close to 50 years, EARTH WIND & FIRE have been playing to sold-out audiences around the globe with their classic R&B and jazz sound. Recently, Eighth Day Sound, the band’s North American and European audio provider, has added a Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 Digital Audio Console at front of house. Prior to band rehearsals and hitting the road with the PM10 at Fantasy Springs Casino & Resort in Indio, CA in late August, Yamaha Professional Audio gave engineer Terry (TJ) Jackson a run-through. An independent live sound engineer for over 33 years, Jackson has been mixing EW&F for the...

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Why I Have–Finally–Given Up on eBay… And Why You Might Want To

I did not come to this decision lightly. I have been an eBay user for a very long time. Since the late ’90s. I was an eBay user since before they went public. I’ve used it to buy and to sell. But mostly to buy. It has come to the point where I check eBay before buying anything from printer ink cartridges to a new door handle for my car. Actually I guess that tense is wrong. It should read “checked.” So, I guess the question has to be “why”? Why am I turning my back–and encouraging everyone I...

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