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Author: Bill Evans

Playing the Back Nine

By Martin “Shrek” Frey For those of us unfamiliar with golf-related terminology, “The Back Nine” refers to the second half of play on any typical 18-hole golf course.  Upon completion of “The Front Nine”, golfers then make “The Turn”. At the turn, a quick break for liquid refreshment and perhaps a hotdog and/or snack are often hastily enjoyed before continuing onto “The Back Nine” holes and completing the round. After nearly 35 years of being actively employed in the live audio industry, I’ve already made “The Turn” as it were. I am somewhere on “The Back Nine” and still...

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The Last Resort Festival

BY MONTY LEE WILKES Monty Lee was one of the first A-List guys I met. Summer 2002. I had just moved into the big boy chair and been hired to launch a brand new audio mag called Front of House. The gig was a Wango Tango KISS-FM deal at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Same gig where I met Pooch. I don’t even remember who I was sent there to meet. Monty Lee was mixing Lisa Marie Presley, Pooch was mixing KISS. I still remember him carrying in a TC pitch corrector and telling the patch guy to make...

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Don’t Look Back, You Can Never Look Back

This will probably be a disjointed mess. There has been a lot on my mind. Some of it audio but most of it loosely connected at best. I’ve been staying—largely—away from Facebook these days. Partially because I spend about 50 hours a week dealing with social media in my “other” life and partially just because, to steal the Betty White meme from a few years ago, it really is an enormous waste of time. And in an election year I tend to lose friends. But in the small amount that I am on… A few years ago, my wife...

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“Do You Read the Manuals For All This Stuff

In 1980, Cubby Colby was a monitor engineer working with Kansas and Heart. He got a call out of nowhere that would change the arc of his career and his life and lead to him spending a decade and nine tours with a guy almost no one had heard of–at least then–out of Minneapolis.   Some of this has appeared elsewhere. We abided by a request to not publish until we had clearance. And that clearance was dependent on the wishes of the family. We got the clearance recently and can proceed.   We reached out to Cubby the...

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Waves eMotion LV1 Demo and Training in Vegas

We have been touting the advantages of a computer-based mixing system with no physical console for more than a decade. And while Bob Lentini’s SAC system never reached it’s potential, it looks like the Wave eMotion just may pull it off. Our pal Pooch is using it as a matrix mixer on his current tour and even for those who need physical knobs and faders, it makes a great “production console” for multi-act and multi-stage festival gigs.   Waves is offering a couple of hours of demo and training in Vegas on June 8 (during InfoComm and there are...

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