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Author: Bill Evans

Waves eMotion Is (FINALLY) Here

One of the only things I missed and regretted about skipping NAMM this year was the chance to see a shipping version of the Waves eMotion mixing system. I have been after a totally computer based system for a long long time now. I bought one of Bob Lentini’s SAC rigs back in about 2010. Did a review of it in FOH. Looked for a link to it but can’t find it. Y’all know I am persona non grata around there, so no surprise. But if you want a glimpse of what an all-computer system is like, you might...

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Clair Announces Cohesion Loudspeaker Series

Well, they made it pretty hard to post anywhere, but we happen to be pretty clever and know how to look at code and find what we are looking for… Clair has a announced a new speaker series called Cohesion that looks fairly interesting. You can get all of the details on their site here or check out the promo video...

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Shure Reinvents Itself

So far the amount of actual newsworthy stuff coming out of NAMM has been a trickle at best. It’s amazing how much better a perception one can get on the annual gear fest when not in the middle of the noise and dog-and-pony-shows. Up until now the “advances” in dynamic microphone tech have been fairly pedestrian with the exception of the stuff Heil has been putting out for a long time now. But Shure stepped up to the plate in a big way last night. When we got an invite for a night-before-the-show preso from the biggest mic company in...

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DiGiCo: Making ‘Em Last Longer

About 6 years ago, I was interviewing a well-known live sound figure at a shed in Cincinnati and–as it often happens (and is one of my favorite things about conversations with him)–we got way off track and into conjecture about where all this digital stuff is headed. I remember him saying something about what was then one of the most common high-end digital consoles out there and how in the next 10 years we would start to see them turning up in bars. The point was how quickly tech changes and how hard it is for the folks who actually buy...

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BY DARTH FADER If you look at it from the surface, the DiGiGrid IOX from Waves and DiGiCo is a 12-input, 6-output audio interface designed for use with your DAW. When you look closer you’ll learn that the IOX is a gateway into Waves’ SoundGrid audio network, which is capable of some awesome audio file sharing and processing functions. It’d be difficult to speak accurately about the IOX without also discussing the SoundGrid network so if it seems that we are skipping around like an Ewok on a Speeder Bike that’s because, well… we are.   SoundGrid Background  SoundGrid...

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