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Author: Robert Scovill

Give A Little Bit: Remembering Russel Pope

BY ROBERT SCOVILL As my flight out of Phoenix climbs to 10,000 feet on my way back to my cushy hotel room, spacious tour bus and high tech sound system while fulfilling my role as concert sound engineer on the Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers 40th Anniversary tour, I find myself sitting here taking stock of what modern concert touring has become in 2017, how it got to this wonderful lifestyle and who were the real pioneers of the industry. I’m introspective about who I am, why I do what I do, and how the hell I got here...

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Living the Dream

BY ROBERT SCOVILL You’re standing in total darkness. Suddenly you hear a huge crowd start cheering wildly. A band starts playing but, oddly, they sound very distant and far away. A spotlight bursts on to you in intense, blinding white light. In an attempt to shelter your eyes you look down only to realize … you’re naked … and … none of your gear is set up. You squint through the light only to realize that everyone, including the band, is staring at you … and … they have their phones out … and … they’re typing. Suddenly, the...

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“Watson, Can You Hear Me?” 

BY ROBERT SCOVILL Okay, I know you’re going to think the following question is totally ridiculous when you read it but, if you’ve been reading my blogs, well, then you know how I roll. So, here it goes. Is there—or should there be—a given “morality” in pro audio manufacturing and the way it is used? See, I can already see you shaking your head in disbelief. “Why do I even click on the links to this guy’s blogs? Stay with me here … Recently I’ve been amazed by many of the posts and underlying sentiment that I’ve read in social media...

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“Choose Wisely”

BY ROBERT SCOVILL Now, not to get all “Cosmic Johnny” on you here, but I’m going on the record. I’m a dyed in the wool Libra. Yep, the tipping scales … For me, it always has been, and always will be, about striving for and creating balance in my life. There are more examples of me doing so than I could possible list here. And I fully believe that having a mindset of balance and the ability to rationally evaluate choices is more of a contributor to my success in life and my chosen field of endeavor than maybe...

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(This piece is one of several we are working on talking with engineers who worked with Prince for various time periods–everything for a three-part audio and text remembrance from Rob “Cubby” Colby who was part of the core for almost a decade at both MON and FOH to a story form a Vegas sound company owner about his one-night mixing The Artist almost 20 years ago. Especially with the Cubby stuff, we are taking our time because it is way more important to get it right than to get it fast. Stay tuned…) BY ROBERT SCOVILL So, there are...

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