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Author: Robert Scovill

“Paging Dr. Moe, Dr. Curly, Dr. Larry…”

 You can judge the maturity of a given industry or field by it’s approach to educating and training the people who want to work in that field and contribute to that industry.   For example, the medical field has been around in one form or another since the dawn of man. As techniques and knowledge grew with regard to easing suffering and saving lives, so did the need to teach those techniques and pass them on to others in order to improve and save future lives. Over time, this process has manifested into intense educational programs and very specialized...

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This Week On Roadie TV: Snooky Tunes the PA

“Roadie Reality TV” … is this what it’s come to? Yep, you heard me right. I guess it was only a matter of time  wasn’t it? I saw the announcement posted on a popular road crew job placement website the other day that producers and writers are assembling a casting call for a road crew reality show based on the touring life. To quote the post “It’ll be like ‘Deadliest Catch’ only for touring guys.” Now, make sure you digested what I just said there – “the producers and writers will be assembling the crew for the tour and the subsequent...

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Rust Never Sleeps

BY ROBERT SCOVILL “It’s better to burn out, than to fade away”  Neil Young sang it those of us who live and breathe the music business tend to live it. But we do more than that. We wear that mantra as a badge of honor. The whole concept of being “a lifer”—it’s easy to attach nobility to that label with regard to your career isn’t it? Even easier to live in the moment and the romance of a life spent making music. Ya know, recently we lost a couple of bigger than life personalities in the world of music...

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Hot For Teacher

BY ROBERT SCOVILL NOTE: This blog originally ran on the Heil Sound Web site. SPLNetwork thanks them for sharing. In my travels around the globe, both on behalf of Avid Technologies as well as for my touring clients, I have met countless men and women who desire to get into the field of music production. In nearly every one of those encounters there is one undeniable thread that runs through them; the quest for more knowledge on the subject and more “training”. And it’s here where the questions really start. “What kind of training do I need? Where can...

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Well Duh!

BY ROBERT SCOVILL A couple of months back, I was chatting with a very close friend of mine who was out on one of the summer’s blockbuster tours. Now it should be noted, that this friend of mine of many years now is not “of the audio persuasion”, he resides on “the other riser” … if you know what I mean. Now normally, I don’t reveal publicly that I actually converse with the “lighting folk”, let alone call them friends, but in his case, I do make an exception from time to time. Actually, I think he might be...

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