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Author: Robert Caprio

FOH, MON & Studio Mixing – What’s the Difference?

BY ROBERT “VOiD” CAPRIO I’m often asked how I transition so easily from mixing at FOH, MON and the in the studio. Well, for me, it’s not that hard at all because I follow my mantra of “Keep It Simple, Stupid!” and simply try to make it sound good no matter where I am or what I’m mixing. I don’t mean to imply that those that have a hard time making that transition are stupid, far from it! I simply find that most folks make too big a deal of the differences behind the disciplines and therefor get in...

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Optimizing Playback Tracks For Live Performance

This is a plea to all those studio guys who are prepping tracks for an artist to go out and perform with.  You might think you’re doing all us live guys (actually, I do lots of both, as many of us do) a favor by making the tracks sound BIG by using lots of compression and EQ.  Well, you’re not.  In fact, you’re doing us a disservice by limiting what we can actually do with the tracks during the live show.  Don’t forget, we have comps and EQs in our desks too.  So, rather than spending time tweaking things...

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Aretha said it best. You either have it or you don’t and these days I see less and less of it. When I’m not on tour I do a lot of work with local sound companies and as such I do a lot of corporate events. One company I work with has an exclusive contract for all the audio needs in a busy Manhattan event space. This particular space, while beautiful and ideal for events, is an acoustic nightmare. It’s an oval shape comprised of concrete-like walls about 40 feet high with a domed ceiling. The RT60 time in...

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2013 and Beyond

First of all, Happy New Year everyone.  I hope that 2013 brings us all health, happiness and prosperity.  My resolution is to spend more quality time with the people I love and that love me.  Most importantly my lovely wife Jacki, without whom I’d likely be one miserable SOB.  I was fortunately able to spend some good quality time with my Mom, sister, niece, good friends and my Grandfather recently.  They all live relatively close together near Nashville, TN so it’s easy to see them all at once.  My time with my Grandfather was especially poignant being that he...

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Miking a Guitar Amp WIthout a Mic Stand

When you get to the point where you are playing rooms big enough where you have to actually mic your guitar amp instead of being constantly told to turn it the hell down, you may be faced with an “issue.” As long as the venue is providing sound or there is a sound company involved, you’re golden. They carry the stuff you need. But, even if you have a basic instrument mic and cable, when you are stuck doing it yourself, you may be lacking an important component: a mic stand. If you have an extra boom stand that...

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