So, AVID has a new console that comes in under the price point of the SC48. Big news, right? Not really. If you have been paying attention it was pretty obvious this was gonna happen, But, there IS real news here.

We’re gonna keep it short. The full official press release is below and there are a handful of short videos that we shot at the press event intro’ing the S3L system a few weeks ago.

It’s modular. It’s powerful with about twice the power of an SC48. It’s kinda sleek and sexy. And it weighs something like 16 lbs. But that is not the important stuff.

The important stuff is all about “openness.” (Is that a word?) This is the first console system we can think of that has fully embraced the AVB (Audio Video Bridging) open audio and video over Ethernet standard. AND, Avid took the open EUROCON protocol that they got their hands on when they acquired Euphonix and made it the heart of the system. Which means that in terms of control, this is not just a live mixer. After the show you can tuck it under your arm and schlep it to the bus or hotel room and mix those recordings you made of the show. And “open” means you can use it to control Pro Tools or Logic or Reaper or whatever.

That’s right. An Avid system that is not tied to Pro Tools. Although it will do some stuff with Pro Tools that it won’t with other DAWs. I mean, come on, they’re not dumb. You’ll be able to mix up to 64 channels with NO periphrials. Control surface, laptop, Cat5 cable. That’s it.

UPDATE FROM AVID: The EUCON control will NOT be part of the system at the initial ship. it will be part of a “Coming Soon” update. 

Check the videos. And if you want the “official” version, You’ll find it below the videos. Oh yeah. Shipping sometime this summer. $18K-$about $28K depending on configuration.

New Avid S3L Delivers the Hallmarks of Avid Live Systems in a Compact, All-New Networked Architecture

HDX-powered DSP engine, modular design, AVB Ethernet and EUCON open network standards redefine professional live sound mixing and recording 

Burlington, MA, May 29, 2013 – Avid® (NASDAQ: AVID) today introduced the new Avid S3L, which delivers the sound quality, performance, and features of Avid live systems in an all-new modular, networked design. The open and flexible system is comprised of a high-performance HDX-powered mix engine running VENUE software and AAX DSP plug-ins, scalable remote I/O, a compact EUCON-enabled control surface, and Pro Tools® software for integrated live sound mixing and recording. 

For artists and musicians, S3L delivers the audio clarity and familiar studio processing they need to sound and perform at their best. For engineers, having a high-performance engine at the core empowers them to create richly layered mixes quickly and champion their clients’ signature sounds, without worrying about technical limitations. The streamlined networked design simplifies system set-up and configuration with drag-and-drop functionality, while direct Pro Tools recording and mixing capabilities open opportunities for live album releases.

“Avid S3L delivers all of the renowned qualities that Avid live sound users have come to rely on in an all-new networked architecture,” said Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of Products and Services at Avid. “This innovative system provides our customers with unmatched openness, flexibility, and efficiency to deliver their best sounding mixes anywhere, now and in the future, with uncompromising reliability and performance.”

The compact S3L system is easy to take on tour or install in any club, theater, house of worship, or other performance venue to efficiently and easily respond to a broad range of demands. 

Key S3L features include:

Advanced, ultra-flexible system architecture

HDX-powered floating-point mix engine for uncompromising performance 

Fault-tolerant Gigabit Ethernet network connects all devices using open AVB Ethernet and EUCON standards

Total modularity—system can be configured with up to four Stage 16 remote boxes (up to 64 mic inputs)

Ultra-compact design fits anywhere and transports with ease—perfect for fly gigs and bus tours

Pro Tools and other DAW control using the S3 control surface as a EUCON controller (feature coming soon)

Proven VENUE software

On-board Pro Tools AAX plug-ins from Avid and third-party developers to re-create the sound of the studio in a live setting

64 channels of direct recording/playback to Pro Tools (or other DAW) through a laptop Ethernet port

Direct stereo recording/playback with any standard USB flash drive

Total VENUE show file compatibility with all Avid live systems

System Configurations

The S3L System will be available in a variety of configurations for different I/O needs, from 16 to 64 inputs. All systems will include:

S3 control surface

E3 engine

One or more Stage 16 remote I/O boxes

VENUE software

Pro Tools software

Plug-in bundle

Cables, accessories, and guides

Availability & Pricing

Avid S3L will be available at Avid resellers worldwide in Q3. Avid S3L starts at $17,995 GRP.