Behringer, Mackie and Presonus have all exanded their newest, most innovative mixer lines.   Start with it all and go small, grow it up or grow it out? Here we have three highly successful companies with three widely differing ideas on what the market is hungers for.

Behringer choose to expand out their tried and true X32 line, PreSonus responded to calls from their loyal followers for more ins and outs, and at Mackie, offering a more all-purpose, utilitarian version of the DL1608, seemed the way to go. Now it’s up to you decide.

Starting with PreSonus, where the new StudioLive 32.4.2 is more than just the big brother of the StudioLive 24.4.2. While it has all the Fat Channel features (routing, panning, a high-pass filter and polarity reverse on every channel, and a full-feature gate, full-featured compressor, limiter, and 4-band fully parametric EQ on every channel, aux, subgroup, and effects bus) of it’s slightly-smaller brother, the obvious improvement is more I/O, but it doesn’t stop there.

Using the Active Integration engine’s massive processing power, you can now create two complete sets of EQ and dynamics settings for a channel and then make A/B comparisons on the fly with the Alt EQ/Dyn button. An Ethernet port on the the StudioLive 32.4.2AI allows you to connect to an existing router-based network with an Ethernet cable or completely wirelessly. There’s also a USB 2.0 port to host the included USB Wi-Fi LAN adapter. With either wireless connection, the mixer can be controlled from a laptop or iPad. The aux mixes can be controlled from an iPhone or iPod touch.

Given the indisputable success of Behringer’s X32 mixer (Behringer reports sales in excess of 26K units since last June) four new models have now joined the team. The X32 Compact, X32 Producer, X32 Rack and X32 Core all share the X32’s performance, and features, including digital connectivity, extensive virtual FX, mic preamps designed by Midas, and a broad range of ins and outs. The new X models include Klark Teknik-engineered AES50 ports, which provide no-brainer connectivity to Behringer’s S16 digital snakes for more I/O, controlled using XControl for PC/Mac/Linux, XiControl for iPad and XiQ for iPhone/iPod Touch. Here’s a brief video we shot at the product introduction:

At Mackie, the new 8-channel DL806 brings the power of the DL1608 (see Mixing The Naples Christian Jam) and the freedom of wireless control to a wider audience. With easy-to-setup wireless control, you can mix from anywhere in room on up to ten iPad, iPhone or iPod touch devices. The DL806 features eight Onyx mic preamps and 24-bit Cirrus Logic® AD/DA converters and lots of plug-ins like EQ, dynamics, effects and GEQ.!

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