The quintessential “guy in the band who owns the PA.” And eventually learned a bit about running it and happened to be able to write. Some.

Editor of the Pasadena Weekly Newspaper from ’90-’94 where he got some awards for stuff his kick-ass staff did. Editor of GIG magazine from ’94-2002. Editor of Front of House Magazine from 2002-2011, (And for the record, I quit and THEN I got fired…). Leader of a “really good even if i say so myself” soul/rock band called Rev. Bill and the Soul Believers or Rock&Soul 2.0 depending on which agent is booking us. Likes Otis, Marvin, Aretha, Wilson, Little Feat, Doobies, William Gibson, Depak Chopra, scuba and other stuff that does not seem to fit together. MF’er cook. Come by when you’re in Vegas and we’ll smoke some pork up on the roof deck….