Two to Tango combines Blue’s premium large-diaphragm, multi-pattern condenser Kiwi microphone with the ADL 700, PreSonus’ new, high-end tube-driven channel strip.  Together, the Kiwi and ADL 700 deliver superior sound, moving together in perfect harmony for only $3,499.99 at participating dealers during the Two to Tango promotion, which runs from July 1 to September 30, 2013.

The Kiwi is a large diaphragm, solid-state, multi-pattern condenser microphone that features Blue’s renowned B6 capsule. Designed to set the standard for solid-state microphones, Blue claims the Kiwi yields lush vocals, stunning acoustic guitar, gorgeous piano sounds, and more from nine different polar patterns (omni, cardioid, figure-8, and everything in between). It’s a perfect match for the ADL 700.

The ADL 700 channel strip combines a single-channel version of the two-channel, award-winning, high-end PreSonus ADL 600 Class A tube preamplifier with a fully variable, FET-based compressor and a four-band semi-parametric equalizer. This new channel strip provides separate balanced XLR mic, balanced XLR line, and a ¼” TS instrument inputs and a single, balanced XLR output. The dual-transformer design of the ADL 700 ensures low-noise operation, with maximum common-mode rejection. This results in an ultra-low-noise tube preamp with a big, warm, smooth, clear, distinctive sound. It’s the perfect partner for Kiwi.

The Two to Tango promotional bundle, MSRP $3,499.99, will be available at participating retailers from July 1 through September 30, 2013. For more information about Two to Tango, visit