Modern touring can be pretty brutal. When I got together with Antonio Luna and Dennis Thompson (monitors and house engineers for Alicia Keys) for some mexican food the night before their gig at Mandalay bay Events Center in Las Vegas, it was their first day off in more than a month.

Road crew. No day off in a month. So who had the bright idea of not only coming into Las Freaking Vegas the day before the show but sticking around for a day after? Good thing these guys are pros or their may not have been a show at all.

AliciaKeysCrew 052113

The guys that make the magic happen: Top row. Antonio Luna. Scott Evans. Dennis Thompson. Eli Ward. Randy Weinholtz. Bottom row. Steve “Snarf” Hupkowicz, Jen Smola.

It’s a great show and it is hard to get an audio team a lot better. Antonio has been the guy for acts ranging from Aerosmith to Justin Beiber to Three Doors Down. Dennis has been with Alicia for a while. But he is something of a legend. Put it like this. If you have ever heard a live recording of Bob Marley that was not from a TV show it was likely from the L-R bus on Dennis’console. Google him and you’ll find an entire box set of live Marley called The Dennis Thompson Mixes. I have been with A-List engineers, mentioned Dennis and especially his mastery of the low end and watched them just hang their heads. Really. Literally.

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-Rev. Bill