By james Elizondo

DAS for those who don’t know, is a respected loudspeaker company based in Valencia, Spain. If you regularly work Spanish-language markets—especially in South Florida, Central America or Spain—then you have done more than just heard OF them. You have likely heard them and used DAS systems on more than one occasion. But they do not have the high-profile of some “first tier” companies. Despite the fact that some of these companies are high profile due more to history and marketing budgets than any other reason.

And that’s a shame because DAS has been making some very good boxes for many years. (Ed Note. The Rev. first met HAS productions owner Larry Hall at a Roy Clark show in Parker, AZ where an early DAS line array was being shown off.) After more than a decade and multiple models of line arrays, DAS has their greatest hit to date with the AERO 40.

This mid-sized line array was first introduced at Winter NAMM in 2013. That’s right, nearly two years ago. Incorporating a rear-loaded 12”, 8” mid and two compression drivers on an all-new-design waveguide, the three-way box has made significant inroads in the Latin market but is only now getting in front of U.S.-based engineers and rental companies. We have had an AERO40/LX218DASnet system hanging in one of our venues for the last 6 months with a good amount of success.

If looks could kill than the DAS AERO 40 is a murderer! From all angles it is one of the most visually stunning PA’s you will ever look at. The front grill has very stylish curves, the rigging is truly a sight to behold, and the rear of the box has a really pretty brushed aluminum heat sync to round out the package. But wait there’s more, not only does it look good but it performs up to the expectation that you would have for such a snazzy looking thing.

Right out of the gate the design on the rigging is amazing. It goes together with very little effort and is safe on the fingers, which is something that I like. After a small demonstration from the guys at DAS we have had no trouble flying this PA. The flybar leaves you with all the options that you would like, single point, side to side, and front and rear rigging points make it very versatile.

Now on to the fun stuff, how does it actually perform. Well here’s the answer, Really friggin good!!! I am a very large fan of having massive amounts of control on the PA. This gives us the ability make it sound good in every seat right? With the DASnet control software you have just that control. DAS has made it very easy to contour the AERO40 to the environment that it’s in. I will let the video give you the virtual tour of the software so that you can see just how easy it is to use. When you couple it with the LX218DASnet sub you have quite a formidable package. Hats off to DAS for making such a well put together system.

So, what was the response to a new rig in the Nevada desert? Due to the fact that it’s a newer system on the market, most of the engineer’s had never been in front of it before. There were some looks of suspicion on the faces of some engineers when they arrived and parked in front of a box they had never seen or heard. But I can say that, upon leaving said venue in the desert, they have all had great things to say about the system. Every engineer who mixed on it—and those engineers mixed acts ranging from rocking country (Kix Brooks) to several “Norteño” acts out of Mexico to badass classic R&B (Charlie Wilson)—left saying they would happily mix on the DAS AERO 40A again.

And tells you everything you need to know.