OK, the rumors have been flyin. If you follow Dave Rat on FaceBook or Twitter, then you have seen picture of his dog that just happened to have the super secret NDA’d up the poop chute PA in the background. And now a prototype is banging at the Gobi Tent at the 2013 Coachella Music and Arts Festival. This is significant. Almost every other speaker box on site is L-Acoustic with a heavy representation of the K-1 rig. Obviously none of what follows is official or approved. This what we have been able to glean from the Web site they just launched and talking to folks who have seen it.

Here is what we know right now. 

1) It’s not a line array. It hangs straight and multiple columns can be deployed side by side to extend the horizontal coverage. what about comb filtering? That’s what DSP and very clever software is for.

2) Much like the Martin MLA, every driver in every “module” in a column has it’s own power and it’s own DSP. In conjunction with EAW’s Resolution software, users can specify very precise coverage patterns and the software plays very clever games with phase among other things to make it happen. 

3) 285 lbs per box. And the rigging is dead easy. According to Larry Hall at HAS Productions who is at said Gobi Tent, each colum went up in about 10 mins.

4) 22 drivers per module. 10,000 wats of class D power.

5) How much? Well if you have to ask…  Seriously, no word yet but this is not going to be for the financially faint of heart.

6) When? Right now, EAW is saying June. But they are still working on power and need FCC certification from what we can glean from the Web site. That might be an optimisitc prediction.

You can see Dave Rat talk about it HERE.  Or just check the video below.