Many moons ago, before becoming a touring FOH Engineer and a Parnelli Nominated Systems Engineer; I was a cocky, 20-year-old; one-man road crew for a friend’s cover band.  I had no idea what I was getting into.  I just knew that there were free booze and hot girls.  Mouthing off to the house engineer at a club in Cincinnati, Ohio somehow resulted in me ending up behind a mixing console.  All of a sudden I was full of questions.  What started as a hobby for a flaky kid with no direction became an obsession and a career path.  I never wanted to know “how”; I wanted to know “why”.  I quickly learned that music, science, physics and mathematics are all related.


Fifteen years later, the hot girls have been replaced by a beautiful daughter (who will NEVER date a roadie!) and the booze has been replaced by espresso (not entirely).  The questions and quest for knowledge are endless, and the obsession remains.  When I’m surrounded by thousands of kids and have a monstrous PA at my fingertips, I still have the butterflies that I had in the smoky bar with 50 people and speakers on a stick.  I’m very proud to be included in this elite group of audio engineers.