Update on the continuation of the Wireless Wars.

In case you have not been following, we are going to lose more spectrum. It is just a question of how much and how soon. The U.S. government is intent on getting paid for spectrum and the cellular industry is willing to pay. THis is not a fight we can win. 

The next area we will lose will be some protion of the 600 mHz band. It is still unclear what that means. the government is going to UHF TV stations and trying to get them to either consolidate operation within the spectrum of another station or go out of business altogether and are paying them to do that. The most likely areas hit will probably be the upper reaches of the 600 band.

We may get a reprieve in terms of time, though. The FCC is still saying they want to auction this spectrum in 2014. But the head of the FCC and the lone Republican commisioner have both announed their resignations. According to one source at a company that has been immersed in this process for many years, they do not see how the commission will be able to replace those two members and still get this auction together for next year. THis source says that 2015 is more likely.

Karl Winkler is another person who is very well versed in this stuff. We missed him at NAB, but the folks at Gothom Sound did a video intervew that you can click through to below.

NAB 2013 – Lectrosonics from Gotham Sound on Vimeo.