Dear Sue,

Please help!  I’ve been traveling overseas a lot lately and the flying and jetlag is doing me in.  Do you have any tips to get me through this world tour thing?


Hi Ray,

This is a subject particularly close to my heart.  For  nearly 7 years I commuted back and forth between the UK and NYC monthly. All that transatlantic travel wreaks havoc with the body and mind.  Here’s my tried and tested strategy:

The day before you go take Arnica 30 once.  Take again the day you are leaving before you get to the airport.

Buy a water bottle once you’re through security.  This is your stock bottle for remedies  – so get a second one for drinking water.

In it put:

Arnica 30 5 pellets

Hylands Bioplasma 10 pellets

Shake and sip every half hour on the flight

If you’re a really nervous flyer and you panic in the air:

Aconite 30c (you can add it to your bottle or put 2 pellets under your tongue when panicking)

Once you get to your destination:

Flying east:  

Take Arnica 30c and Cocculus 30c and in alternation 3x a day for the first two days.

Throw 10 bioplasma into a water bottle and drink as a tonic each day.

If you’re wide awake and still can’t rest and feel all hyped up try Coffea 30c.

I also recommend taking a couple emergen-c packets or other high quality effervescent vitamin c to put in water and drink on the plane.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!


Sue Anello RSHom(NA), CCH

Certified Classical Homeopath

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