Although it is a VERY serious safety issue worldwide, it is not one that is usually discussed publicly. 

Drop by for the latest information on what will be a very controversial subject: substance abuse in the workplace and how it affects all of us. An anonymous message was sent by “Scared Crew” explaining issue they had. It was presented to many professionals worldwide in every aspect of our industry for their advice. You will find that message under the Career Suicide link as well as the anonymous responses under the CS Response links. Whether you agree or disagree, we would value your feedback.

The letter and the responses are at see the letter called “career suicide.” For the answers look at cs responses-as well as Safety in our Industry by a leader of News of our Industry, SoundProLive

Bill Evans, who is the Content Visionary for SPL and their afiliated e-zines have given us their full support. Please see their statement below.

One of the reasons I left print publishing in favor of an independent digital network was a long simmering distress at the ever-increasing pressure to make every piece of content “match up” with advertising revenue. Because SoundProLive is independent, and because myself and the owners look at publishing differently, we have been able to put time and resources into covering the safety issue extensively. SPL is committed to being a “part of the solution” in terms of stage and gig safety. We will continue to cover the subject and, hopefully, make an impact that helps makes sure no other crew or artist or punter dies because of unsafe staging conditions. has always been right on top of all the safety issues in our industry worldwide including accidents, collapses, close calls, great blogs about safety and hearing protection and more. If you have not seen them yet, please find them here at SoundProLive. Usually, collapse news as well as accident news is up on SPL and they have posted in multiple places hours if not days before any other industry webzine covers it. If you want immediate info on news that affects our industry, then this is the place to find it.