Fairview Heights, IL — October 24, 2011 —

Anyone who has seen Bob Heil at a trade show in one of those awesome purple suits can attest to the fact that he understands the value of looking sharp as well as sounding great. Heil proved it last year when they did a bunch of custom wireless capsules for Carrie Underwood in colors to match her stage outfits and that “looking good” vibe continues.    

In early September, Shelby Lynne, a long time Heil Sound fan and user of the PR 22, contacted Greg McVeigh and asked him to come to her studio and “talk shop.” Seems she had been seeking a different look for her vocal mic and had spotted the PR 48 kick drum mic in a Heil catalog. Calls were made to Bob Heil, a PR 22 capsule was installed in the PR 48 chassis, some tweaking and testing was done, and Shelby hit the road supporting her newest CD, “Revelation Road.”