Dear SXSW…
We're revisiting on "oldie but goodie" today. Yes, E-Rock, you are officially old enough to be an oldie but a[...]
Former Digico exec David ‘Webby’ Webster joins Coda Audio
PSNEurope reports that Former Digico executive and company co-founder David ‘Webby’ Webster has joined Coda Audio as its new director[...]
Give A Little Bit: Remembering Russel Pope
BY ROBERT SCOVILL As my flight out of Phoenix climbs to 10,000 feet on my way back to my cushy[...]
Las Vegas Sound Guy Lunch (Episode 1?)
OK, this took way too long to get edited and up online. The Rev. sucks. Happy? A full eight freaking[...]
Living the Dream
BY ROBERT SCOVILL You’re standing in total darkness. Suddenly you hear a huge crowd start cheering wildly. A band starts[...]
Mark Woodcock: Making Every Gig Count
By Rev. Bill Let this serve as a gentle reminder that every gig counts. In fact, that seemingly insignificant local[...]
Yamaha Pro Audio Celebrates 30 Years of Digital Mixers
@NAMM. At the 2017 NAMM Show, Yamaha is formally kickoff the 30th anniversary celebration of its pioneering work in digital[...]
The Last Resort Festival
BY MONTY LEE WILKES Monty Lee was one of the first A-List guys I met. Summer 2002. I had just[...]
Who’s Really Running the Show?
BY KEN "POOCH" VAN DRUTEN In business, money talks.  And the music business is just that… a business. When we[...]
“Two PM5 Things And That’s IT!”
April is a big month for small to medium festivals in Las Vegas. We have done our fair share this[...]
(This piece is one of several we are working on talking with engineers who worked with Prince for various time[...]
“I’ve Got A Tip For Ya Right Here…”
Let me start by saying that I'm certainly not a writer.. I'm a sound guy. With that being said, I'm[...]
Dave Rat’s 360 Bassnectar Lowdown
BY DAVE RAT   I met Dave Rat about 10 years ago the night before he got a Parnell award[...]
Change Vs Evolution (Or, Life IS Change)
  If you’re a regular follower of my blogs, then you know I've been on hiatus for some time now[...]
Audio Challenges At Blues Bender
The 2015 Big Blues Bender at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas recently wrapped up with much praise[...]

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