By BIll Evans

Know what the concept of “linear transfer” is all about? Or are you—like me and lots of other folks—someone who uses sytem EQ to eliminate feedback and “make things sound better”?

It was not all that long ago when system analysis tools such as Rational Acoustics’ SMAART were pretty much the exclusive territory of system designers and folks way smarter than me. But that has changed. In fact, some of the most affordable digital mixers on the market, the PreSonus StudioLive include SMAART tech as part of the package when you buy the mixer and run the included Virtual StudioLive software. 

So with all this power at more and more fingertips, we decided to put together some basic resources for those of us who are still somewhat in the dark.

We’ll start with an excellent overview from 2008 by Doug Fowler that ran on ProSoundWeb. Click the image below…

Next up, some basics of how the system works from Jamie Anderson of Rational Acoustics, the company that owns and continues to develop SMAART

Jaime Anderson on SMAART

This next one is not current. It’s from SMAART 6 and the current version is 7. But here is a good look at some tips and tricks on usage from FLA-based engineer Harry Brill Jr. From Mix Online


Harry Brill Jr in Mix

Time for more video. From The 2012 installment of the PreSonuSphere event in Baton Rouge, LA. In this short video, product guru Wesley Smith shows how the pieces of SMAART included in the VSL software package are used to optimize a system to the room environment.

Presonusphere SMAART Session


Couple more. Once you have the basics of running SMAART using a single measurment mic, check out Kenny Chesney’s house engineer John Mills and his piece we ran in SPL on multi-mic setups.

And one last thing… Kevin Madigan is one of the best engineers working today. We interviewed him about two years ago when he was doing David Crosby and Graham Nash and later heard him mix Crosby, Still and Nash at the Joint in Las Vegas. Phil Garfinkle caught up with him at the recent NAMM show and asked him about how he gets audio from multiple mics into the computer for running SMAART which is something Kevin does on each and every gig.

Kevin Madigan