You have been listening when we’ve said that the fallout from the stage collapses last year had not even begun yet, right?

We’re not even talking about OSHA and what the Feds will eventually come up with or how insurance rates and requirements will change. But on Jan 28th (a Saturday, just as the pre-Super Bowl week festivities were beginning. Make what you will of the timing…) the Indiana State Senate passed SP273. A link to a pdf of the whole bill is below. It is dense legalize and nothing is official until it is passed by the state house of representatives which may change any part of this. 

All that being given, there are a couple of things which stand out. Chapter 8, Section 3 (page 7 and line 29 of the linked pdf) appears to say that the commission charged by the state with issuing permits for outdoor stages CAN (at it’s discretion) require that the stage plan be submitted by a certified structural engineer. Not a big deal for large events where that should happen anyways. But if the commission requires this certification for smaller events, the added cost may be the difference between the event happening and not happening. 

The other area that has a lot of roadie chat rooms abuzz is Chapter 8, Section 2 (page 6 starting at line 17). The line that is causing the buzz is this…

“Demonstrate through the submission of specifications, drawings, and other information that the installation will comply with applicable equipment laws, including any equipment laws specifying the minimum qualifications for persons installing the outdoor stage equipment.”

Again, it’s nebulous. It could mean nothing on a practical level. Or it could mean that every crew member on every gig be ESTA certified or have some other form of certification. That is going to mean a lot of people in IATSE locals are not going to qualify to work these gigs.

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